How Much Time Do You Need to Plan a Wedding?

How Much Time Do You Need to Plan a Wedding?

The length of time that you need to plan your wedding will depend on a number of factors including the size, timing, and scope. You may be able to get away with throwing a small and basic wedding under a year, but a large one with all the bells and whistles can take upwards of two years to properly plan and execute. If you’re not sure how soon after your engagement you should begin diving into the details, check out our tips below to learn more.

Large Weddings

If you have a big budget to work with and are not in a rush, having a longer engagement can be a major benefit. You’ll be able to go at your own leisurely pace and take the time you need to carefully consider every detail, from the venue to the florists to the décor, without feeling pressured or rushed. If you can’t wait to get hitched and aren’t planning to have an elaborate wedding, carve out at least a year for your timeframe. The average wedding takes about 13 to 18 months to nail down all the details required for a larger party.  

Tips for throwing a large wedding:

–   Confirm the RRSPs early so you can find a venue that fits all of your guests
–   Pick a full-service venue with catering, service staff, fully stocked bar service, audio/visual equipment, flexible spaces, and plenty of parking to make it easier
–   Choose a venue that has a team with a reputation for success
–   Choose a menu that will suit a wide range of tastes
–   Create a small 10% cushion for any unexpected costs
–   Don’t be afraid to delegate to your wedding party

Small Weddings

It is entirely possible to plan a smaller wedding in as little as 6 months but be prepared to be flexible on your demands. Most wedding/ small wedding venues book up well in advance, especially during the spring and summer. If you can give yourself a year to plan, things will be more in your favour, but if you can’t wait, try to be flexible on dates. That way you will free up more options and also have more choice when it comes to arranging the other services such as photography and flower arrangements.

Tips to throwing a wedding in under a year:

–   Try planning the wedding on a Sunday or during the offseason
–   Choose a venue that offers everything inhouse, so you have less to outsource
–   Send invitations out by email so nothing gets lost in the mail
–   Confirm outside vendors as soon as possible
–   Lock in hotel blocks and transportation as soon as you pick a date

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