7 Ways to Host an Impressive Embassy or Corporate Function

7 Ways to Host an Impressive Embassy or Corporate Function

Whether you’re putting together a large-scale embassy gala or small-scale corporate event, St. Elias Centre offers the first-class venue and white-glove services that you’re looking for. As one of Ottawa’s most elegant and modern venues with an award-winning team, your distinguished guests will leave feeling inspired, impressed and well taken care of. Make your event the highlight of their trip with these 7 tips on how to host an impressive embassy or corporate function.

Arrange For a Respected Key Note Speaker

You want your attendees to remember your event and really feel inspired by it. A keynote speaker can do just that. Just be sure to find the right person for the theme of your event. You’ll need an industry expert who can provide insight, motivate your audience, and deliver your message with ease.  

Set Up a Notable Stage

Consider more than just the pedestal and microphone when setting up the stage for your event. Lighting, sound, and audio equipment are also important features that should be considered and planned for. Make sure to choose the right venue that includes AV equipment, or has the ability to outsource anything you may need.

Delegate Responsibilities

Organizing a big embassy or corporate event on your own can be a lot to handle. If you’re short on time or don’t have the resources, it’s best to delegate the various responsibilities out to others. Put together a team who can handle different tasks like registration, transport, and design. Then host weekly meetings to follow up on the progress.

Provide Excellent Service

From the minute your guests walk into the venue until they leave, they need to be treated like royalty. That’s why it’s crucial to have experienced and professional staff, including coat check, catering services, and an impressive spread that will wow your attendees.


If you want to ensure that your event goes smoothly, it’s helpful to run two dress rehearsals before the big day. The first should involve sitting with your team and running through the entire event from beginning to end to determine if there are any areas that need improvement.  The second rehearsal should involve the venue’s event planner to make sure that everything is in order well before the event.

Have a Program Available

A program is a necessity. Guests always want to know what time the events are happening during your gala or dinner. The program should outline the schedule, the mission and objectives of your event as well as who will be speaking and why.

Hand Out Favours

Leave your guests with something to end off the evening on a positive note. Even if it’s a notepad and pen with your logo on it, little gestures like this can leave a good lasting impression while also promoting your brand.

St. Elias Centre has everything you need to host the perfect embassy or corporate event. Professionally trained staff, event planners, a stunning flexible venue, AV setup, ample parking, and top-notch onsite catering can all be found under our roof! Contact us today to learn more about how we can help!

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