8 Ways to Customize Your Wedding Venue

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Your wedding venue is the backdrop for your reception. That means that everything must be perfect to set the ambiance you are seeking. Here are eight wonderful ways to customize your wedding venue:


Lighting is one of the greatest way to create ambiance at your wedding venue. Use candelabras, chandeliers, all over lighting, up lighting along walls, back lighting, lit ice sculptures and even the old standby of white fairy lights to enhance the decor at your wedding venue. Coloured lighting can also be used to match your theme colour cast on walls and ceilings.

Mother Nature

A lovely trend is using real trees and branches to add a touch of nature to your wedding venue. Trees such as birch and willows are elegant and delicate and when paired with fairy lights, ribbon, crystal or mirror decorations to catch the light you can create a truly enchanting wonderland. You can also go overboard with flowers creating arches, wall hangings, garland, and additional floral arrangements along walls or flanking the dance floor.

Table Configuration

Consider using an unusual table configuration. Line up round tables to form an interesting endless table, use square or rectangular tables or mix and match various shapes and sizes.


Get creative with fabric and consider draping walls behind the head table, creating a tent like effect on the ceiling or using fabric to create little tents above tables for an Arabian Nights feel. Provide your own accent table linens in more vibrant colours or patterns that better suit your personality and theme.


Rent furniture and create a lounge area for your wedding venue where guests can sit and enjoy martinis.

Gift Table/Guest Book

Create an interesting display for your gift and reception tables. Accessorize with details about yourselves, antique family photos, meaningful items such as a silver set your grandparents received at their wedding or something fun to match the theme of your wedding.

Food Stations

Create food stations that guests can visit at their leisure. Have stunning ice sculptures, displays of fruit, fountains, candles and floral displays that are unique and stunning to add dimension and interest to each station.

Use More Glassware

Add more glassware to your table such as different coloured glass goblets, crystal water jugs or decanted wine in crystal jugs for sparkle.

Your wedding will be more memorable using any of these unique ideas to customize your venue.


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