Choosing a Caterer for Your Wedding? Here’s All You Need to Know

Choosing a Caterer for Your Wedding? Here’s All You Need to Know

There are many reasons to get a catering service for your wedding, one of which is obviously having delicious food. Feeding your guests is an essential part of a wedding, but not having to worry about the hassle of doing the catering yourself is beneficial, especially on your wedding day. It is all about finding a caterer who will handle your magical day with grace and professionalism. Here are three ways to choose the best caterer for your wedding.

Wedding Size

The size of your wedding will have a significant impact on what type of food you want your guests to enjoy. For a larger scale wedding, having a sit-down dinner is a good idea so all your guests can enjoy quality time with each other. This means that a seating chart is crucial to determine the best matches for each table — you can’t sit people who don’t know each other together. For small weddings, finger-foods or buffet-style are the best options to allow guests to mingle amongst each other while enjoying tasty food!

Food and Religious Restrictions

Many people have food restrictions, especially if they are religious, so it is important to have a variety of items on the menu. Many catering companies offer taste-testing of the suggested menu to make sure you are serving exactly what you want. If you can provide the chefs with a list of food restrictions and suggestions for your big day, they will be more than happy to accommodate. As trained culinary professionals, they will be able to find the most suitable dish for each guest. Whether you are pescatarian, vegetarian, vegan or lactose intolerant, it has never been so easy to find an accommodating catering company!

Reliability of the Catering Company

Doing initial research on the catering company is essential. Reading online reviews will give you an insight into the professionalism and quality of the food of the company. Ask around to see if anyone has had any previous experience with caterers. If someone you trust has had a good experience, why not try them out? You can bring external caterers or trust the St. Elias exclusive professional catering service to wow you and your guests with a gorgeous menu!

Deciding on who will cater your wedding can be a tough job, but by using these steps as guidance will make the process a lot smoother. St. Elias Centre provides premium in-house catering perfect for your wedding, no matter the culture or the number of guests! Contact us here for a quote.  

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