Choosing the Perfect Flowers for Your Wedding

Choosing the Perfect Flowers for Your Wedding

A wedding is not quite a wedding without the glamour and personal touches that you incorporate throughout the big day. And the best and easiest way that couples express their style and unique taste is through floral designs and arrangements. Whether it’s big and bold arrangements, or simple elegant touches of colour – flowers are made to illuminate the beauty of your wedding day and of course, impress your family and guests. If you’re searching for the perfect theme and combinations to express your unique style, let us help you decide with these quick tips on how to choose the perfect flowers for your wedding.



You can never go wrong with the classic and elegant look of roses. They’re the symbol of love and beauty. But beyond your standard red velvet rose, you can find more than three thousand varieties available year round! You can find a variety of sizes, colours and types of roses that can add the perfect touch to match your wedding day theme and style.

Tulips are also a classic favourite and represent the happy luscious spring and summer time. With a wide range of colours and vibrant hues to choose from, they’re the perfect choice if you’re keen on making your setting bright, fresh and fun.

Whether it’s orchids, hydrangeas, cala lilies or peonies – you can really work any of these classic flowers into any type of arrangement and feel happy about the outcome.



Greenery and lots of it is a trend that’s gained momentum over the last few years and continues to be a favourite for couples. You can get creative with Ivy, wrapping it around pillars and even stringing it together with lights over the head table for a natural, organic look.

Wildflower bouquets combined with rustic wooden settings and big ferns are popular choices as well.



Decorative kale and cabbage can make stunning centerpieces for your tables. The simple combination of purples, greens and white are eye catching and are guaranteed to impress your guests.

Alternatively, moss and berries can be arranged to create a unique earthy appeal and design. Indoor miniature trees can also act as both décor and barriers to create an intimate garden setting.

Choosing the perfect flowers for your wedding can be more challenging than many people think. If you feel stuck on what to include for your wedding day, consider each of these popular types that will suit your style and venue best.

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