The Wedding Season Dilemma

the wedding season dilemma

With wedding season closing in, the summer calendars are filling up fast. Although a wedding is traditionally a one-day event, there are wedding showers and bachelorette/bachelor parties that also add to the wedding experience. This means that your summer weekend availability may be dwindling before your eyes. It’s important to not overstretch yourself and to properly prioritize your attendance this summer. Here are some key points to consider:

Are You in the Wedding Party?

If you have committed to being in the wedding party, then it is pretty much guaranteed that you are along for all of the scheduled activities. It is entirely possible for you to be in more than one wedding party this summer, and some of the dates may even conflict. Be open and honest with everyone and attend all events that you can without overstretching yourself.

What Can You Afford?

 Weddings can be costly to attend, especially for weddings that are out of town. Travelling to attend a wedding can involve hotels, extra food, and the travel expenses associated with actually getting there. Be realistic with your budget and don’t be afraid to say no if you can’t afford it.

Give Time for Summer Relaxing

If you find that every single weekend is booked up with some obligation or another, then your summer is going to pass you by in the blink of an eye. Summertime should involve some element of relaxation and time spent with your family and loved ones having fun and enjoying the beautiful weather. If you overextend yourself with wedding obligations then you may miss out on your summer entirely. It’s OK to say no on occasion to retain some of your sanity and have a relaxing moment to recharge your batteries.

Two Wedding Invites on the Same Day

As your life likely consists of multiple social circles and extended family, the chances of having double wedding duty on the same day in the peak of wedding season is certainly a possibility. Discuss with your immediate family or spouse which invitation is more obligatory to oblige and respectfully decline the other. You do not have to disclose that you are choosing another wedding over theirs, you can simply say that you are legitimately booked for that weekend but would love to take the new couple out for dinner when their wedding hype has settled down.

Wedding season is fun, exciting and exhausting. But don’t let the stress of it ruin any of the fun! Just be organized and pragmatic with your decisions and enjoy the season.

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