How to Decorate a Banquet Hall

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If you have an up and coming event at a banquet hall you will want to decorate the room to help set the mood and invite people in with a welcoming atmosphere. Here are three steps to decorate your banquet hall:

Choose a Theme

First you should decide on the theme of your event. Even if you don’t think your event needs a theme, coming up with a basic concept will help you in choosing a colour scheme, decor items and the mood you wish to set. A good starting point is to come up with a few words such as elegant and sophisticated, indulgent and luxurious, casual and comfortable, fun and playful; you will be able to start planning a theme based on the setting you wish to create.

For more sophisticated evenings you can focus on candlelight, flowers, overall lighting and elegant table settings as well as ice sculptures. For more casual evenings you can look for things such as balloons, instead of flowers, fun decor with food and table linens, interesting touches to reflect a theme such as sporty, beach, winter wonderland, etc. depending on the time of year or the reason for the event.

Banquet Hall Assistance

Once you have a theme in mind recruit your banquet hall coordinator to assist with the planning. They can help you by discussing what they have to offer as far as decor goes, and may also know some suppliers they can recommend. They will have planned hundreds of events and will be able to provide you with some great ideas as well as help you coordinate the delivery of decorations, flowers, etc.


Once you have your theme and a list of suppliers you can begin personalizing by developing a comprehensive decor scheme. This is where you get to explore your creative side and start layering on the decorative touches that will make the event special. Your banquet hall will provide you with the linens required for the base of your tables. You can then start adding flowers or balloons, candles and interesting touches such as candelabras, arches, gazebos, specialty seating such as lounge areas, fountains, special carpets or fabric for draping, tents, lattice and all kinds of fun items such as specialty lighting, kites, streamers, mirrors, ice sculptures and anything you can think of to enhance your theme.

Your banquet hall will be transformed and your guests will be impressed.

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