What to Look for in a Good Trade Show Venue

what to look for in a good trade show venue

Trade shows are becoming ever more popular, and although they can be quite fun, they can also be difficult to plan and organize. Here are a few things you should look for in a venue:


Many trade shows tend to be way out of town making it difficult to get there even if people drive. People do not want to have to fight traffic and travel more than an hour to get to a trade show. Your trade show should be easy to reach for people whether they are traveling by car or public transportation to encourage more people to attend.


Most trade shows will require a number of additional services such as audio visual equipment, tables to be set up and even more importantly parking. You want to be certain you can accommodate the amount of people you are anticipating will attend, and that includes things such as washroom facilities, spacious halls and handicapped wheelchair access. Depending on the type of trade show you might also want to offer light refreshments or even a luncheon or dinner. All of these amenities will add to the enjoyment of those attending.


Don’t make the mistake of waiting too long to book your venue. Trade shows take plenty of planning, and finding the right venue will help ensure the dates and time will work out. Once you have the dates nailed down you can then immediately send out all marketing promotions and invitations. It is important that you and the venue have a signed agreement for a specific date and time as you don’t want your trade show plans to fall through.


You want to create an image that will be suited to your business and show your level of professionalism. Your venue should be well appointed with lovely surroundings with attention to detail. When people arrive you want them to feel you are offering a worthwhile event with comfortable surroundings they will appreciate.

With the perfect venue trade shows become so much easier as well as offer your guests the accommodations and location they need to make it worth their while to attend.

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