How to Decorate for a Fall Wedding

how to decorate for your fall wedding baquet centre

Fall weddings are filled with warmth and romance. There are many fall themed decorating ideas you can use to at your banquet centre to create a wedding filled with natural touches and warmth including:

Incorporate Nature

Fall is the perfect time of year to add unique, highly textured details such as branches, tree stumps and pinecones. It is also the time of year for harvest and there are many stunning colours from pumpkins and gourds to flint corn that can be placed tumbling out of baskets, along the aisles and at the front where you ceremony will take place. You can also find lovely plants such as jack o lantern branches, wheat, corn stalks and even hay bales. Hay bales can be used to create steps covered in planters filled with bright coloured mums.

Use Dark, Warm Colours

Fall is the time of year to introduce deep, rich colours full of warmth and elegance such as purples and plums, orange and rust and deeper pinks. These colours work beautifully against the natural tones of branches, hay, wheat and corn stalks. As well your flowers can be inspired by the blooms of fall such as large mums, delicate asters and even bare branches with berries or grapes.

Hot Chocolate Bar

Add a touch of whimsy with a hot chocolate bar and let people stack up their drinks with marshmallows and different flavours served in cute mugs. You can also have your bartender come up with a unique warming drink such as an Irish Coffee with a banquet centre unique twist or some sort of mulled wine or cider to greet guests as they arrive at the .

Twinkling Lights

Fairy lights add charm to any banquet centre and you can get creative by using fall themed details such as bare branches wrapped in fairy lights to create a stunning archway, birch trees in urns with lights or jack o lantern inspired candle holders with charming carvings such as wheat, flowers or lace and lattice designs patterns. Jack-o-lanterns with patterns and texture will also cast interesting light in the room.

Harvest Themed Cake

Consider having a harvest themed cake with tumbling grapes, lovely apples or fruit with a kiss of fall frost. Take inspiration using fall leaves or be creative using elegant wheat inspired patterns.
These tips will help create a truly warm and romantic ambiance at your wedding banquet centre.

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