Planning Your Corporate Christmas Party

planning your corporate christmas party

If you are in charge of your corporate Christmas party it is a good idea to start planning early. Here are some tips to help you plan an amazing corporate Christmas party:

Plan Ahead

Start looking in the fall for the ideal venue if you want to avoid disappointment. Just as a bride has to book her venue sometimes a year in advance, when it comes to corporate Christmas parties the prime venues will be booked months ahead. Some companies even have standing bookings year after year with their favourite banquet hall. Remember it is not like a wedding or other events where your dates are flexible. You have only a few short weeks to book for a holiday event.

Type of Party

Decide what kind of party you wish to plan. There are many things you must take into consideration such as is it a brunch, lunch, dinner or drinks event, are spouses or families invited, and what type of entertainment there will be. Once you have all of these questions answered you can start planning your party!

Pick a Theme

You are probably thinking Christmas is the theme, but it is better to have an overall theme even if it is just a colour scheme. Some ideas for Christmas party themes can include a winter wonderland theme, snowflakes and ice, fire and ice, retro Christmas, candy canes or even gingerbread. Each of these themes will allow you to come up with a focus on everything you do from decor and invitation motifs to food and colour schemes. If you do not want to take the theme route than go for some of the classic colour schemes such as red and green, blue and silver, gold and red, white and red or elegant gold and silver.

Pick a Venue

A banquet hall is usually the best bet for larger Christmas parties over 50 people, but some banquet halls will accommodate even smaller groups. You want a venue that will allow you to decorate freely, provides an excellent menu with options for lunches or dinners and a choice between a sit down meal or buffet. As well you want a venue that is easy to reach for guests. Ample parking as well as lovely facilities in a picturesque location are always key.

Remember, larger venues and popular smaller venues can book up a lot quicker than you might think. Plan early to ensure you have the perfect spot for a lovely Christmas party.

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