Five Mistakes Event Planners Make

Five Mistakes Event Planners Make

Planning and organizing an event can be a stressful job if you don’t have the perseverance, creativity, people skills, and team coordination. But sometimes, even when you have all those things, one small mistake can lead to bigger problems and even disappointment among your guests. Steer clear of these top mistakes that event planners make to learn from the pros and organize a successful event.

Exceeding The Budget

There’s a reason why clients set a budget for an event. It’s often the amount they’ve been allocated to spend by their company. Disregarding the client’s budget can create a whole slew of problems – for them and for the event planners, too. Presenting numbers that are different than what they had agreed upon after the event is complete can tarnish your reputation and also lead to legal ramifications if a contract was signed. So be sure to stick to the budget and make sure any changes are signed off on before they are made.

Choosing The Wrong Location

Rule number one as an event planner is to pick the right venue. The location can truly make or break an event. If the event planner chooses a location that does not fit with the event’s objective or theme, it can lead to a disappointing event.

Hiring Unimpressive Hosts or Entertainers

Hiring a competent host is crucial for any event. They set the mood and create an atmosphere for the entire evening. If the host is accommodating, smart and funny, it will instantly make the occasion more enjoyable and memorable for the guests. On the other hand, if the host doesn’t really care and isn’t good at creating an energizing atmosphere for the guests, you can bet the overall mood will be greatly affected. Entertainers make a huge impact on the guests’ experience, so be sure to pick an appropriate one for your event.

Failing To Schedule A Walkthrough

Showing up to the venue on the day of the event to do your walkthrough will only be setting yourself up for uncertainty, possible disappointment, last-minute scrambling, and even a disaster if it’s not what you were expecting. It’s crucial to check out the venue personally, try the food and understand any equipment setup requirements well in advance. That way, if there is anything that needs to be changed, repaired, ordered or altered, there is plenty of time to get it done.   

Failing To Come Up With Plan B

Of course, not everything will unfold exactly as intended. Unexpected factors like rain during an outdoor event, or a vendor who cancels at the last minute, or broken equipment can happen at the worst times.  That’s why it’s best to have a contingency plan in place just in case you need to use it.Preparing for an event is not always easy. There are lots of details to consider and so many crucial decisions to make, which is why it’s important to choose a venue that has event planners onsite. They can help guide you with your plans and make sure everything goes as smooth as possible. When you’re looking for the perfect venue for your event, consider St. Elias Centre. We have everything you need right on-site for hosting any special, elegant and memorable occasion.

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