Hair & Makeup Prep for Your Big Day

Hair & Makeup Prep for Your Big Day

As with most things involving wedding planning, the hair and makeup plan should start to form at least one year in advance of the big day. It may feel a bit excessive at the time, but your hair and makeup will play an important role in the presentation of the bride on her wedding day and nothing should be left up to chance. Here’s a step-by-step guideline for how to do hair and makeup prep for your wedding day!

12 Months in Advance

Book your stylists. It’s important to do your research and do some meet and greets with a few different ones if you don’t have someone in mind. Since you have a year to plan, there is plenty of time to audition different stylists and see who fits with your personality and budget. Stylists’ calendars also fill up very quickly during wedding season, so by booking a year before your wedding you ensure you will not be left scrambling to book someone in the weeks before.

9 Months in Advance

Look at your skin and your hair, could they use some sprucing up? Now is the time to think about really taking care of your skin and hair because they take time to do a transformation and at this stage in the game you still have time. Drink a lot of water, every single day. When you think you have consumed enough water, pour another glass. Water will help to clear away any skin imperfections and will also hydrate your hair. It takes time to do this, but it will be very beneficial in the long run if you start treating your body right early on.

6 Months in Advance

Give yourself a salon day. You’re probably pretty stressed out at this point anyway, so you owe it to yourself to go and have your hair coloured. Choose a colour you want that will compliment the wedding colours and your bridesmaids’ dresses. Try the colour out and see if it looks good with your skin. Make sure your hairdresser writes down the exact dye number because you will be back in a few short months for a re-dye! Remember to continue hydrating all day long.

3 Months in Advance

Do a trial run with your pre-booked hair and makeup stylist. This will give you an idea of the types of hairstyles that are possible to accomplish with the amount of hair you have. See how you like the makeup presentation and hairstyle your stylist has created and if it feels right for your wedding day.

1 Month Before the Wedding!

Get your hair re-dyed at the same salon to ensure you get the same colour as before. Get a slight trim to get rid of any dead ends you may have, but be careful not to go much shorter because your wedding stylist is going to need to recreate the agreed-upon style from your hair trial. Keep drinking that cool refreshing water!


The day is here and all of the hard work and preparation will finally pay off. Sit back and try to relax as your stylist brings to life your wedding day dreams!

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