Booking an Ottawa Wedding Photographer

Booking an Ottawa Wedding Photographer

Hiring your photographer should not be a task taken lightly. The photographer is responsible for immortalizing your wedding moments in a picture that you will reflect on for years to come. Take time and care into choosing a photographer because their skills and artistic ability will be with you forever! Here are five questions to ask when searching for an Ottawa wedding photographer.

Are you available on our date?

Make this one of the first questions you ask to avoid any heartbreak. If you fall in love with a photographer and their style but when it comes time to discuss the booking date you realize there is a conflict that could be a huge let down. Discuss the dates needed first thing to set your expectations appropriately.

What is included in the cost?

Whether you are having a modest wedding or an extravagant event, budget will always be a consideration. You want to ensure that the photographer is delivering the services you expect at a price you are comfortable paying. Don’t assume that because you are paying a premium that you will receive red carpet treatment from your photographer. Be sure to know in advance exactly what is covered in the cost. Will the photographer be shooting solo? Or will they have an extra set of hands and if so is that included in the cost?

How long do you want the photographer booked for?

Don’t just expect that the photographer is going to show up to capture the bride and bridesmaids getting ready, be sure to clarify that you want it included and to account for it in the cost! Also be sure you discuss any after-ceremony specialty things you may have planned that you would like your photographer to stick around for. The longer you have the photographer there, the more they will charge you, so be certain to discuss everything on the timeline in full.

Have you done a wedding before?

This may seem like a silly question but it’s not. Wedding’s are some people’s specialty but it’s possible your photographer is more skilled in photographing nature or portraits and they are trying to get into the wedding business. It is not rude to ask to see examples of previous weddings done by the photographer, in fact it’s recommended you do so! This way you can see their style of photography and see if it’s in line with your expectations.

Is there good value for the cost?

Ask what comes with the price tag. Do you get a digital copy of the photos? Are any prints included? How many pictures can be expected at the end? Do you do all the editing? If a lot of these questions yield disappointing answers perhaps it’s time to look elsewhere. You can end up spending a lot of money on a photographer and you better be sure you are getting good value at the end of the day.

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