How to Host the Perfect Engagement Party

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There are not that many occasions in life that are perfectly designed for a big celebration. Engagements are big in the summer as many individuals get down on one knee and ask their loved ones to share their hand in marriage. Sharing this information with all of your friends and family is one of those big moments perfect for a large celebration. Be sure to host a great engagement party with these tips to get you started:

Traditional Hosting

It has always been a tradition that the bride’s parents host the engagement party. It was often followed by a party hosted by the groom’s parents. However, it is more and more common for the couple themselves to throw the party and invite all of their friends and both sides of the family for one big celebration. If this is the case, it is a good idea to use a banquet centre that can accommodate a larger group instead of downsizing your guest list to accommodate a smaller venue such as someone’s home or a restaurant. Banquet halls can adjust for your guest list, and many offer more intimate settings should you get smaller numbers than expected.


Planning an engagement party is best scheduled shortly after the engagement has taken place. You want to give yourself about a month to plan as well as allow guests to add it to their schedules. Tentatively plan a date with your banquet centre and send out an RSVP within a month of the date.

Guest List

Only those who will be invited to the wedding should be invited to the engagement party. This does not mean to say you have to invite everyone you figure will be on your wedding guest list, but instead to suggest that you should not invite someone to the engagement party and then snub them on the wedding invite.

Engagement Photos

Consider having some engagement photos taken to send out with invitations and to post on Facebook. You can also create a timeline photo display for the party with the engagement photos as the final image.


Make sure guests do not feel obligated to bring a gift. This is not a shower. Simply print on your invites “No Gifts Required” so people know it is not a gift kind of event. If guests insist on offering something, consider directing them to a charitable cause instead.

Now that you know how to host an engagement party, you might be wondering what to do when hosting an engagement party. With all your friends and family gathered together, you want to make sure it’s a fun day where you can create some amazing memories to look back on. To help you master the art of hosting, here are some tips to remember when the day arrives:

Keep it Informal 

Engagement parties are usually meant to be more low-key and informal. That doesn’t mean you can’t dress to impress. Just try to keep it dressy-casual. The goal is for everyone to have a good time and feel comfortable, which is always easier to do when you get to wear something comfy too. Save the dressy ensembles for the wedding.

You Don’t Have to Be the Host

If you’re not comfortable with the idea of hosting your engagement party, you don’t have to. In fact, the bride’s parents or a close friend usually play that role. Before your party, ask around and see who is willing to step up. Just make sure you choose someone who can add to the enjoyment of the event and is naturally good at hosting.

Mix it Up

Don’t be afraid to mix up the seating and encourage both sides of the family to interact. This is usually the first time your families will really get to meet. So encourage them to get to know each other more while having fun together. Plus, it’s an ideal way to warm everyone up prior to the wedding day.

Plan Some Activities to Break the Ice

Have some games and activities ready to break the ice and get everyone feeling more comfortable. If you’re hosting outdoors, plan a few lawn games like Bocci Ball. You could also have a signature cocktail challenge or set up a photobooth. These are excellent ways to encourage more mingling, laughter and fun.

Don’t Mimic Your Wedding Menu

For engagement parties, try to avoid mimicking the menu that will be served on your wedding day. As a more informal setting, stick with tasty finger foods and apps that are easy, hearty, and delicious.

These tips offer the proper etiquette and planning for your engagement party. Contact us today at St. Elias Centre for more information on flexible venue spaces and catering for your dream engagement party.