5 Ways to Create a Beautiful Wedding Reception

6 ways to create a beautiful wedding reception

Trying to create a beautiful wedding reception isn’t always easy. By following these five professional decorating tips, you’re sure to have a beautiful wedding you’ve always dreamed of:


You can truly create a magical and romantic wedding reception experience by adding your own decorative lighting. You can work with the existing lighting and look for ways to incorporate more personalized designs using garland, ribbon, and tissue. There may also be a way to hang temporary lights such as chandeliers or lanterns.

Another great idea is incorporating candelabras throughout the room rather than just having smaller candles spread across the tables. This will give your wedding reception a classic, romantic feel your guests will love. You may also want to consider using uplighting solutions, as well as interesting floor lamps and table lamps to add a different mood throughout the area. Either way, playing with the lighting is a great way to make your wedding reception more memorable.

Large Flowers and Trees

You may have recently noticed that centrepieces are becoming more prominent and feature some unique, large flowers and tree branches. These pieces can give your reception a whimsical charm that your guests have never experienced. For example, birch tree stumps paired with candles and colourful flowers can add a lovely design element when lit with fairy lights. Palm trees can also be used for a more tropical feel.

Trees and larger planters can bring a natural fullness to your decor, and sometimes renting more oversized items can prove to be more affordable than trying to fill a massive space with hundreds of smaller plants and flowers.


You can always consider turning your wedding into a large romantic tent using draping. You can focus either on the ceiling above the dance floor or make the focal point at the head table to draw in the entire room.

Unique Linen

Your wedding venue will provide linen, but you can also provide your own overlays of exciting and colourful fabric to add impact and carry over your colour scheme with more personality and flair.

Glass, Mirrors, and Metal

Bring in more sparkle by adding additional glassware, hanging, and leaning mirrors against walls and adding more metal in gold or silver.

Now that you have some beautiful wedding reception ideas to incorporate into your special day, here are a few dos and don’ts to consider when it comes to the décor:


Don’t Make It Cluttered

Don’t go overboard with the decorations. This can create a cluttered reception area that can appear messy. Stick to the staples, like a single centrepiece for each table instead of grouping multiple items together. 

Don’t Combine Different Styles

If your flower arrangements are dainty, elegant and boho but your centrepieces scream contemporary, this can clash and look tacky. Stick with one theme and style and find simple ways to weave it into your décor. Also, don’t try to match everything. Focus instead on choosing items that will complement each other.

Don’t Forget the Table Linens

Even if you’re going for a garden, rustic-chic type of theme with plenty of warm wooden elements throughout, don’t forget to cover your tables with linens. No matter the theme, having exposed tables can really downgrade the look of your reception, even if everything else is on point. You can still create a perfectly rustic, vintage style while maintaining the elegance that is akin to weddings.


Do Use the Venue to Your Advantage

Take full advantage of your venue. This can include discounted rates, free room rentals, complimentary linens, in-house catering, and all the equipment you may need for your head table set up. 

Do Set Your Own Rules

Just because something is deemed as tradition, doesn’t mean you need to follow suit. In this day and age, you get to set your own rules for your wedding. If you don’t want to have a big, fancy cake, switch it up and go straight for the dessert table instead. If you don’t want to wear a typical wedding dress, wear what feels right for you. This is a day to celebrate the love between you and your partner. Tailor it as you wish.

Do Enjoy It

Wedding days can be stressful and chaotic, but that doesn’t have to ruin your fun. Ignore any family dynamics and roll with the day by focusing on having fun and creating amazing memories with your special someone. If any stressful scenarios do arise, have a designated person, like your bridesmaid, ready to take care of it so you don’t have to be involved. 

Enhancing the features of your wedding venue will make the space your own for a truly beautiful and memorable wedding reception. Contact us today!