Hosting a Modern Corporate Event

Hosting a Modern Corporate Event

The business world is changing drastically, which means the way you manage your staff can sometimes be challenging. Many businesses today are spread out with people working from home and only communicating via email, video call, or phone. This modern approach to business makes it even more important to host corporate events, even if it is just once a year. Here are some tips on how to host modern corporate events as well as the benefits of doing so.

Find a Great Venue

By finding the right venue for your capacity and event style needs, it will be the perfect place for your team to meet and enjoy some time together. Look for a location that is easy to get to and offers a comfortable setting that is large enough to host your team. You want to ensure there is ample parking as well, which is an important detail to never overlook. Ideally, try to secure a space with a combination of larger and smaller rooms, making it easier to fill and decorate without the space feeling too cramped or empty. 

Set Up Virtual Solutions

The way we work today is different than before the pandemic hit, that much is clear. Therefore, many team members may prefer to attend the event virtually, and some may even be situated halfway across the country and realistically cannot be there in person. For major presentations or speeches, enabling access to technology and equipment is important to ensure nobody has to miss out. 

Food and Drink (and Virtual Alternatives)

Of course, what’s a corporate event without a great meal and snacks, and perhaps a few cocktails? Reward your team with good food and drink with excellent service both during the planning as well as at the event itself. Alternatively, for folks who cannot make the event in person due to living far away or operating fully remotely, consider setting up a corporate Uber Eats or Skip the Dishes account that the team can order from. Don’t forget to set a spend cap, of course, so you don’t amass a huge charge after the event is over, helping you keep your budget under control.

Fun Games and Entertainment

A modern corporate event will also require some form of amusement – after all, your attendees aren’t showing up just to sit and make small talk! Look for interesting options to keep people busy and entertained such as game shows, casino nights, interactive games or even virtual reality experiences. All these activities are ideal for stimulating entertainment choices, and you can also integrate virtual solutions that work well in hybrid event settings (trivia is a great example of this, for instance). For other in-person options, consider karaoke, hiring a DJ, and/or finding a location with a big and spacious dancefloor.

Strengthening the Team

One of the main benefits of hosting corporate events is the opportunity for team building. Whether you are spread across towns and cities, or have departments that have to work together every day, team building forges stronger and more trusting groups within the company for better performance and development. Letting people learn more about each other will allow them to learn to appreciate each other’s roles, responsibilities, and talents.

Building Relationships and Networking

On the subject of team strength, it’s hard to be successful when you don’t take the time to be human and get to know each other – it can’t all be about tracking data variables and monitoring performance parameters! Team-building activities alone are not enough. This is where your corporate event offers extra benefits, such as giving employees the chance to network, make new friends, and develop stronger relationships with coworkers even when activities aren’t happening. The deeper and more meaningful these connections are, the more aligned and effective your team will become – after all, why not enjoy working with each other and collaborating? Hosting modern corporate events is easy with the right plan and venue. Your team will benefit from spending quality time together and appreciate your efforts. And, of course, with the right theming, activities and food options, everyone is sure to have a great time – even if they can’t be there in person! For assistance in planning your next corporate event, as well as to make it an extra special occasion, contact us at the St. Elias Centre today. We’re happy to help make your dream event plans a reality, so prepare for a fun-filled time with your hardworking team!