Decorating Your Venue on a Budget

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When you are looking for ideas to create a stunning backdrop for your special event it is not unusual to have certain budget restrictions. There are, however many ways you can decorate your banquet hall without breaking the bank including:



Using white Christmas lights is an excellent way to add sophistication and sparkle to an event. Your banquet hall may have many features you can use to affix your lights such as pillars, plants and other architectural features. White lights are neutral yet elegant and will provide a sense of celebration to your event.

Intriguing Centerpieces

Flowers are very expensive and can really put a dent in your budget. Get creative with your centerpieces and use unexpected items and materials to create truly intriguing decorative touches at each table. Look at items such as peacock feathers or ostrich like plumes, dried flowers, bare branches you find in the woods or something completely unusual such as relevant photos glued onto interesting sticks.

Focused Floral Arrangements

Just because flowers are expensive doesn’t mean you have to discount them from your plans altogether. Look for major focal points to add fresh flowers in order to create a sense of substance and beauty. Consider using interesting fillers such as those mentioned above so you still get the feel and smell of fresh flowers without the expense.

Introduce More Fabric

Look at ways of using fabric to create more interest. Layer squares of bright coloured, discounted fabrics on top of the linens provided by your banquet hall. Consider adding a tent effect using bolts of fabric across the ceiling. Hang draped fabric behind the head table (if you have one) or create interesting decor touches by draping fabric to cover walls.


Candlelight is the ideal touch for any occasion. Look for tall and elegant candelabras to place on buffet tables. Make interesting displays for centerpieces using a collection of different heights of candles. Consider safe spots to place freestanding candelabras throughout your banquet hall.

Water Features

Consider adding a water feature such as an ice fountain, interesting ponds filled with coloured glass or even placing large glass bowls filled with colourful fish as unique and whimsical centerpieces. You can also opt for champagne or chocolate fountains.

These budget-friendly decorative ideas will have your banquet hall ready to celebrate any occasion or gathering large or small.

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