How to Choose the Perfect Theme for Your Wedding

How to Choose the Perfect Theme for Your Wedding

One of the most important aspects of planning your wedding is deciding on a theme. Once you have a theme, the rest will follow, and you can bring your vision to reality! Here are four factors to consider when choosing the perfect theme for your big day.

How Much Money Are You Willing to Spend?

Your budget is one of the biggest factors when it comes to planning and executing your wedding. When finances come in the way, it can be tough to enjoy one of the most special days in your life without worrying about money. However, being realistic about how much you can afford on each part is a great start (maybe that third ice sculpture isn’t worth it).

What Season is Your Wedding Taking Place in?  

Deciding what season to have your wedding will have a big impact on choosing a theme. If you are planning a summer wedding, a theme such as a winter wonderland might not be the best idea. Whichever season you choose, there are many versatile themes that can be incorporated into your celebration such as romantic, rustic, vintage and casual. Keep in mind the weather when choosing a theme, so your guests can dress appropriately and enjoy the festivities in comfort.

Agreeing on the Theme

“I do” is a life-long commitment saying during the ceremony, but also goes for planning the theme for the wedding. Coming to an agreement about the theme beforehand will give ample time for the wedding party to plan and make sure that everything goes accordingly (even gives you room for mishaps). If you are dead-set on a huge glamorous wedding with glitter and sparkles, but your partner wants something more intimate and close friends only, make sure to talk about this in-depth to avoid any future conflicts.


Once you’ve chosen your theme, it’s time to go full-out on decorations while respecting your budget! Decorations can make or break your wedding and having a unique theme is a great way to make your wedding a lasting memory for all. Whether it is extravagant centrepieces with live flowers or a photobooth arch, you can be as creative as you’d like. That’s what Pinterest is for, right?

It might be a challenge to choose the perfect wedding theme, seeing as there are so many! Consider these four factors before your big day, and you will be able to focus on what is most important – marrying your best friend while being surrounded by loved ones. At St. Elias, we have over 11,000 square feet of gorgeous venue space for your guests, no matter how big you decide your wedding to be! With exclusive premium catering service and ample parking, we are your one-stop shop for the perfect wedding venue.

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