How to Have a Successful Trade Show Booth

trade show


Did you register for your first trade show? Not sure about what it should and will entail? Forking out the time and money to participate and showcase your brand, product, or service in a trade show is a great way to increase your exposure and expand your audience and customer base. But it’s important to be prepared and know some of the essential factors that should be present in order to ensure your trade show experience goes smoothly and you get the most out of the event. Most importantly, you need your booth to stand out and allow potential customers to gravitate towards you.

So before your big showcase arrives, use these tips to guide you in having a successful tradeshow booth.

Location, Location, Location

Just as location is an essential component with real estate, so too is it with trade shows. Location is one of the most important factors for gaining attention from people passing on by. Most trade shows will provide “prime” location for an extra fee. And that fee is usually worth it. The problem is booking those prime locations at the Ottawa trade show venue before they’re all sold out. So the earlier you can book and get in on the good spots, the better your chances will be for good exposure.

Make your Booth Attractive

There’s no denying how we all enjoy stopping to gaze and getting to know more about something when we’re attracted to some aspect of it. And the best thing you have going for you is your individual booth. Whether you utilize a cool lighting display, captivating images, or high-tech gadgets – make your booth visible and visually appealing.

Welcoming Hosts

Of course, no matter how fancy or attractive your booth may be, if you don’t have hosts that are welcoming and friendly, you can forget retaining any of those curious people. No one likes to waste their time engaging with people who are rude or seem unapproachable. So whoever you decided to host your booth – choose wisely!

Promos and Giveaways

One of the best features about trade shows (and the reason why many people attend them) is for stocking up on samples, promotions, and even giveaways. Sure, you may have to go a little over budget to provide some free items and samples, but it’s one of the best ways for really showing potential customers what your service or product is really all about, and why it’s worth they’re time and consideration.

So before you embark in the trade show world, know the factors of the game that will help you come out on top. When done correctly, trade shows are one of the best ways to increase your exposure and expand your business.


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