How to Pick the Perfect Flowers for Your Bouquet?

How to Pick the Perfect Flowers for Your Bouquet?

Wondering how to pick the perfect flowers for your bouquet to harmonize with your theme? Whether it’s roses, carnations, or lilies – choosing your flowers is a big deal since it’s one of the most notable accessories of the entire day. So, we’re here to help! Here are some tips to remember when selecting the best arrangement for your special day.

First Determine Your Date, Dress & Theme

Choosing your bouquet of flowers isn’t something that should be done first. It’s generally chosen once you’ve confirmed your venue, wedding theme and dress. Knowing this beforehand will make your decision much easier since you can narrow down the colour and style of flowers accordingly. For example, if you decide to opt for a minimalist theme with a neutral palette, you can choose to add a bold splash of colour with your flowers. Alternatively, if you prefer something more elaborate and daintier, wildflower arrangements might be the perfect choice.

Stay Within Your Colour Theme

Selecting the perfect flowers for your bouquet really comes down to what you enjoy most. But it’s also important to keep the colour palette throughout your venue, bridal party outfits and décor in mind too. Stick with a matching accent colour or two that will help tie everything together so it won’t look too mish-mashed or out of place. 

Stay Within Your Budget

Though flowers are one of the most prominent features of the wedding day, they can also be the most expensive. And it can be easy to get carried away one you start shopping around for ideas. To prevent you from going above and beyond, figure out what your budget is and make sure to stick within it. Remember, flowers are beautiful, but they don’t last long. So, it’s not something that’s worth going in debt for.

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