Choosing the Perfect Flowers for Your Wedding

Choosing the Perfect Flowers for Your Wedding

A wedding is not quite a wedding without the glamour and personal touches that you incorporate throughout the big day. And the best and easiest way that couples express their style and unique taste is through floral designs and arrangements. Whether it’s big and bold arrangements, or simple elegant touches of colour – flowers are made to illuminate the beauty of your wedding day and of course, impress your family and guests. If you’re searching for the perfect theme and combinations to express your unique style, let us help you decide with these quick tips on how to choose the perfect flowers for your wedding.



You can never go wrong with the classic and elegant look of roses. They’re the symbol of love and beauty. But beyond your standard red velvet rose, you can find more than three thousand varieties available year round! You can find a variety of sizes, colours and types of roses that can add the perfect touch to match your wedding day theme and style.

Tulips are also a classic favourite and represent the happy luscious spring and summer time. With a wide range of colours and vibrant hues to choose from, they’re the perfect choice if you’re keen on making your setting bright, fresh and fun.

Whether it’s orchids, hydrangeas, cala lilies or peonies – you can really work any of these classic flowers into any type of arrangement and feel happy about the outcome.



Greenery and lots of it is a trend that’s gained momentum over the last few years and continues to be a favourite for couples. You can get creative with Ivy, wrapping it around pillars and even stringing it together with lights over the head table for a natural, organic look.

Wildflower bouquets combined with rustic wooden settings and big ferns are popular choices as well.



Decorative kale and cabbage can make stunning centerpieces for your tables. The simple combination of purples, greens and white are eye catching and are guaranteed to impress your guests.

Alternatively, moss and berries can be arranged to create a unique earthy appeal and design. Indoor miniature trees can also act as both décor and barriers to create an intimate garden setting.

Choosing the perfect flowers for your wedding can be more challenging than many people think. If you feel stuck on what to include for your wedding day, consider each of these popular types that will suit your style and venue best.

The Wedding Season Dilemma

the wedding season dilemma

With wedding season closing in, the summer calendars are filling up fast. Although a wedding is traditionally a one-day event, there are wedding showers and bachelorette/bachelor parties that also add to the wedding experience. This means that your summer weekend availability may be dwindling before your eyes. It’s important to not overstretch yourself and to properly prioritize your attendance this summer. Here are some key points to consider:

Are You in the Wedding Party?

If you have committed to being in the wedding party, then it is pretty much guaranteed that you are along for all of the scheduled activities. It is entirely possible for you to be in more than one wedding party this summer, and some of the dates may even conflict. Be open and honest with everyone and attend all events that you can without overstretching yourself.

What Can You Afford?

 Weddings can be costly to attend, especially for weddings that are out of town. Travelling to attend a wedding can involve hotels, extra food, and the travel expenses associated with actually getting there. Be realistic with your budget and don’t be afraid to say no if you can’t afford it.

Give Time for Summer Relaxing

If you find that every single weekend is booked up with some obligation or another, then your summer is going to pass you by in the blink of an eye. Summertime should involve some element of relaxation and time spent with your family and loved ones having fun and enjoying the beautiful weather. If you overextend yourself with wedding obligations then you may miss out on your summer entirely. It’s OK to say no on occasion to retain some of your sanity and have a relaxing moment to recharge your batteries.

Two Wedding Invites on the Same Day

As your life likely consists of multiple social circles and extended family, the chances of having double wedding duty on the same day in the peak of wedding season is certainly a possibility. Discuss with your immediate family or spouse which invitation is more obligatory to oblige and respectfully decline the other. You do not have to disclose that you are choosing another wedding over theirs, you can simply say that you are legitimately booked for that weekend but would love to take the new couple out for dinner when their wedding hype has settled down.

Wedding season is fun, exciting and exhausting. But don’t let the stress of it ruin any of the fun! Just be organized and pragmatic with your decisions and enjoy the season.

The Small Things Make All the Difference

the small things make all the difference

It’s very easy for your wedding day to be one huge blur. With so many fine details in play that you have been obsessing over for months or even years, it’s very easy to let most of the day pass you by without even noticing all of your hard work be implemented. While your guests enjoy the fruits of your labour, you fret about the next thing on the schedule and hope that it goes off without a hitch. Here are some tips for all wedded couples to be for surviving the day and savoring every minute of it.

Enlist the Help of Your Venue

Some venues are simply more helpful than others. With any luck you have decided on an Ottawa wedding venue that has excellent staff who are ready and willing to help out in order to make your day special. Whether this mean helping set up the centrepieces or ensuring that the proper dietary needs of guests are properly met, any small thing can help ease the bride and groom’s stress. Have a discussion with your venue in advance to see what their ability to help on the day of is.

Make Lists in Advance

The last thing you want is last minute panic of “ahh! Did Charlie pick up the boutonnieres for the groomsmen?” or “oh my gosh where did Tracey put my ‘something blue?’” To avoid this chaos, make lists and distribute them to everyone involved. The lists can very clearly lay out what the task is and who is responsible for completion of each task. With everyone knowing who is responsible for what it takes a lot of the guesswork out of the day. It doesn’t hurt to provide your wedding venue with a copy of the list as well so they know who to go to for questions on specific items.

Put Some in Charge

Once the day has started, it can be expected that the bride and groom are going to be very busy talking with friends and loved ones, cutting and eating cake, dancing, and giving speeches. So if something minor goes wrong, there should be a designated person who is tasked to handle any small problems. Have a discussion with the venue prior to the wedding day and let them know who this person is and that they should be contacted for any necessary problem solving during the wedding day.

Although it may be difficult for the bride and groom to take a back seat on the execution of the day, really it is for the best. Don’t let stress overwhelm you and rob you of your precious memories that are being made!

The Perks of a Summer Wedding

The Perks of a Summer Wedding

Are you in the midst of planning a wedding and getting caught up on what time of year is best?  Any season will have pros and cons, but summer just seems to hit all the right notes. With access to the outdoors and flowers in full bloom, a summer wedding can be the perfect fit for any type of wedding theme imaginable. But those aren’t the only reasons – check out some of these other special perks of hosting a summer wedding.

More options for venues

With a summer wedding, you have a lot more options when it comes to venues. You can enjoy the outdoors under a beautiful terrace, impress with a rooftop venue, astound with a golf course theme, or even take your wedding out into the forest or country. Plus, you can mix and match indoor and outdoor settings and get the best of both worlds.

Great for photos

One of the biggest perks of a summer wedding is that you’re not limited to only indoor photos. Natural light and beautiful landscapes can really set the scene for some spectacular shots. Plus, you can even embrace the sunshine and get tat natural glowing tan for the big day.

Ample dress options

Your bridesmaids can enjoy having a wide selection of beautiful and airy dresses to choose from. You will also have more of a selection of wedding dresses and can go with a shorter style if you please. And you won’t have to worry about dragging it through the snow and dirt that builds up in the other seasons.

No contending with the weather

Rain rarely prevents anyone from coming to your wedding, but a huge snow storm can. Winter weddings can hinder accessibility and travel to your venue. And a wedding is little fun without the guests!

Stunning arrangements

With flowers in full bloom you can be guaranteed to have stunning floral arrangements and full extravagant bouquets. You can also use natural greenery such as hanging vines and gardens to accent your floral designs or outdoor venue.

Plenty of Light

Summer promises longer days of light, which is perfect for an afternoon or early evening outdoor wedding. Plus, you won’t feel the pressure to rush and get your photographs in before it gets dark out. You can save that for the dancing!

Summer weddings are a popular choice and for good reason. Just don’t wait too late to book the venue, as summer is a busy time and you want to ensure you don’t miss out on having the perfect setting.

Early Planning for Your Summer Anniversary Party

Early Planning for Your Summer Anniversary Party

Whether you’re planning a company milestone, or a wedding anniversary – anniversary celebrations are the ones that are meant to truly shine and celebrate all that you’ve achieved over the years. It’s time to reflect your emotions of gratitude and throw a spectacular party you’ve got to plan ahead.

Here at St. Elias Conference & Banquet Centre, we know that planning a big bash can be an overwhelming task to endure. 8

Set the Date

First things first – when do you want to celebrate? Summer is of course, the season that’s made for celebrations. Take the first step and select the date and time. It’s a good idea to really consider this carefully so that there aren’t any other conflicting dates that might take away from your guest list and such.

Select Location and Venue

Think about the formality that you desire for your anniversary party – are you thinking of a casual setting at home, dinner at a restaurant, or maybe you want to go all out and truly celebrate in a banquet hall? Once you’ve set the date, start brainstorming about the location and venue.

Choose a Theme

Themes are an essential component to parties – especially anniversary ones! Plus, they add that element of fun to the celebration. The best part is that the theme can be just about whatever you decide – you can choose a vintage theme to commemorate your parent’s anniversary, or even gold-coloured accents that make it a lavish and extravagant setting. Get creative and find what fits for your party.

Invite the Guests

If you’re not throwing a party for two, then you’ve got to have the guests in tow so that the people who mean the most to you can be there to celebrate this milestone with you. So next up – send out those invitations! And getting those RSVPs can be a hassle, so be sure to nag people if you have to so you can get them on time.

Think About Food and Drinks

Once you have an idea of how many guests will be attending, you can plan out the situation with food and beverages. Keep your budget in mind when planning this out. Depending on your party, you can hire a caterer, or better yet – you may not even need to search around if you select a venue that offers a chef and catering on-site, like here at the St. Elias Centre!

Plan Your Entertainment

Finally, parties are all about the music and entertainment. Spend quality time researching or asking around for recommendations for a great band or entertainer that would help make your party one that no one will forget.

Early planning for your summer anniversary party is the key to avoiding those overwhelming thoughts and feelings. Get started by following these steps!

2017 Wedding Trends that Wow

groom and groomsmen in front of church

This year is going to be a magical year for weddings! It’s out with the traditional and in with the creative and elaborate themes and décor. Here we look at some of the top WOW wedding trends that are happening for 2017.

Trash the Dress

Buying a second dress for messy photo shoots is a popular new trend that’s catching on fast. It’s all about slipping out of your real wedding dress and into your prop dress to climb onto that sand filled beach and get that perfect photo with your partner. With “trash the dress,” people are taking wedding photos to a whole new level.

Industrial Setting

Warehouses are becoming quite the trend for hosting entire ceremonies, from start to finish. We’re finding over the top centerpieces, twinkle lights, rugs, and gothic candles to fill up the airy space and make it intimate and romantic. With high ceilings, open concepts, and combinations of wood and metal, warehouses make the perfect location for a vintage-themed wedding.

Rooftop Views

Weddings this year are definitely aiming to impress. That’s why so many couples are turning to large rooftop terraces.  Nothing says “Wow!” more than a stunning city, ocean or mountain backdrop.

Natural and Organic

Green will be the colour to watch out for this year, not just in bridesmaids’ dresses, but also floral arrangements, linens, and carpets. Plus, the natural theme doesn’t stop there. Forest settings are becoming increasingly popular as the place to create that perfect, magical wedding setting.

Hanging Floral

Hanging floral arrangements have been a popular décor item and aren’t going away anytime soon. Luscious ivy and petals strung across with twinkling lights help create the perfect décor to go with those magical, outdoor backdrops.

Detachable Skirts

Bridesmaids have a lot to say when it comes to wedding fashion. And they should since they’re an intricate part of the wedding. Breezy and detachable skirts will be keeping bridesmaids happy once the after party picks up to hit the dance floor.


Weddings are not just about the couple – they’re also about entertaining the guests. And lawn games are one of the top attractions this year, from lawn bowling to croquet. They’re excellent ways to get friends and family to mingle with each other while having fun.

Foodie Trends

Food installations like sundae-bars, candy stations, and doughnut walls, are popping up everywhere to satisfy those sweet treats that we all crave.

With so many amazing trends coming alive this year, one can only wish they’ll receive an invitation to attend and indulge in some of these potential themes this year!

5 Tips for a Successful Trade Show

tradeshow setup booth

Taking part in a trade show is a great way to attract more customers and traffic towards your business. And once you have decided to submit an application for a trade show, the next step is to start planning and preparing your booth so that it can gain as much attention and foot traffic as possible to make it a success.

Below are some helpful tips to ensure that your booth is a success at your next tradeshow.

Strategize the Location of Your Booth

The location of your booth is one of the first important factors to consider. In order to get the most foot traffic, your booth has to be in a location that isn’t tucked away from the limelight. When you submit your tradeshow application, ask about the selection of booth locations throughout the venue. Try to situate your booth near entrances and common walkways that will let your booth be seen by a constant flow of traffic.

Make Your Table Stand Out

Keep in mind that your table will be one among many – so naturally, you need it to stand out amongst the crowd to get enough attention. Try to consider what would grasp your attention when walking by. Maybe it’s a display of lights, a touch screen display or just a well-organized setup. Brand imagery is also important. If people can’t easily see what your brand or product is all about, then you can bet that they’ll just keep walking on by.

Make a Great First Impression

First impressions are without a doubt, vital for a successful business, and trade shows are where this truly counts. When attendees are walking by, you often have less than a minute to explain what your business is all about and to make a potential new client. If you plan on working your tradeshow booth solo, consider hiring an assistant to ensure that you have enough hands on deck to help. Just be sure that whomever you choose to represent your brand will do a superb job. They should be well informed about your brand and products, and they must be a polite, outspoken and personable individual.

Make a Crowd

It’s no secret that people are drawn to where there’s a crowd. We want to know what’s happening and what the buzz is all about. But how do you form a crowd around your table in order to get people to pay attention? One key secret strategy that many pro exhibitors use to generate more buzz is to use their own employees to act as attendees. It’s a simple and very effective way to get more people curious in what you’re selling.

Have Some Giveaways

Aside from a crowd, people are also always interested in wandering towards the table that’s offering some incentives. Free sample, promotions, and giveaways are generally expected for those who pay to attend many tradeshow events. It not only gets people to pay attention to your booth, but it also allows people to sample your products and maybe even become eventual customers. It’s a worthy investment for extending our customer base.

If done strategically and correctly, tradeshows can be one of the best methods for marketing and expanding your brand or business. Follow these tips to help you find success at your next tradeshow!

5 Reasons to Host Your Family Reunion at the St. Elias Centre

Family Reunion

When it’s time to come together as a family and celebrate, we’ve got the perfect venue to host your family reunion! At the St. Elias Centre, we provide all you need and more to enjoy a special day celebrating with your loved ones, near and far.

Here are five reasons to host your family reunion at the St. Elias Centre.


Ample Parking

When it comes to hosting an event, we know how important it is to have enough space to house all of those cars that come along with your guests. And that’s why, here at St. Elias Centre, we’ve incorporated ample amount of parking that is free and on site. It can accommodate over 400 parking spots! There’s no need to worry or struggle to find space to park when your family arrives.

Ample Amount of Space

Whether it’s an intimate gathering or a big family bash, our recently renovated facilities are suitable for any size event. With our appointed lobby, attractive décor, and expansive ceilings decked with stunning chandeliers, your family will enjoy luxury and fun, all-in-one with ample amount of space to dance the night away.

On-Site Bar

We know that in order to get through a family reunion, often, drinks are a must. When it’s time to delve into some cocktails, our on-site bar and staff are there to serve you and your family. We have a stocked bar and can shake up just about anything you or your guests want.

On-Site Food

In addition to our on-site bar, our venue can provide you with all of your catering needs. We have our own executive chef who is available to serve you and your family some delectable food and can create a menu that you and your family will love. There’s no need to fuss about what to serve – we’ve got it covered for you and are here to help.

Hospitable Staff

Of course, we also have staff to serve you and your family throughout your celebrations. And each of our staff members is thoroughly trained to provide high quality, hospitable service that aims to please our guests and make each celebration a great and memorable experience.

When it’s time to gather the entire family together for a reunion celebration, look no further that The St. Elias Centre. Our goal is to provide you with all you need and more so that you can have a truly enjoyable and memorable celebration.

Planning Your Annual General Meeting

annual general meeting table

Every year businesses and corporations around the world have their shareholders (and often, management teams) sit down together and discuss their previous year’s progress and future business plans. For smaller businesses this can easily be conducted on-site at the company’s office or main headquarters. However, for larger corporations, this becomes a bit more challenging and a venue is often required to host the meeting.

And of course, this isn’t just a regular run-of-the-mill meeting. For many companies and corporations, it’s a big deal that requires an elaborate location and environment to culminate a productive and celebratory time. From dinners, guest speakers, fully catered meals, and even large-scale hotel bookings, it’s important to have all the pieces fit together in order to plan out a successful and enjoyable Annual General Meeting.

If you’re in the midst of planning your Annual General Meeting, here are some key elements to consider in order to ensure that your AGM goes just as planned.

The Venue

First, you will need to factor in the potential size of your meeting. Large-scale events are best held in conference halls and private event spaces. You should also consider picking a place that has ample parking and is well landscaped. Having a venue with beautiful décor, expansive, high ceilings, and elegant features will impress everyone and set the tone off on the right foot for the event.

Fully Equipped

A venue that has necessary facilities, such as a mix of large rooms and smaller rooms or a hall that can be sectioned off, is also necessary to conduct various events throughout the AGM. The venue should also be fully equipped with microphones, podiums, chairs, high-speed internet, as well as visual and audio features. In addition, having on-site technical support that fully understands the equipment will help alleviate any unexpected issues.

On-Site Catering

At an AGM, having delicious on-site catering will help keep everyone energized and ready to embrace the on-going events. And if your event spans the course of a couple of days or a week, having a venue with an executive chef who has the ability to alter the menus and serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be a must.

Professional Staff

Professional service can make or break your event. Clean, attentive, and cheerful staff will help to keep everyone in good spirits. Finding a venue that offers on-site staffing will also save you from having to hire professional servers, who usually come at a higher price.

Planning your company’s Annual General Meeting doesn’t have to be stressful – it can be fun and rewarding as well. Finding the perfect venue, with all of the on-site amenities that you need can make all the difference in feeling confident that the event will be well-received and enjoyable for all.

5 Popular Wedding Traditions

popular christian wedding traditions

The wedding day often goes hand-in-hand with tradition. It is often what defines much about the big day and how it is even planned.

From elaborate ceremonies to the subtle acts of good luck – they are often incorporated every step of the way. But for many of us who feel the need to have traditions as part of our wedding day, there’s often not a lot that’s actually known about why or what exactly those traditions that we’ve grown to cherish really represent and mean.

 If your big day is approaching, here are a few facts surrounding five of the most classic popular weddings traditions and what exactly they symbolize.

Tossing the Bouquet

It’s one of those exciting traditions that’s one of the most popular today for getting the crowd roaring and the bridesmaids fighting for the best chance to grab that lucky bouquet. But the origins of this tradition developed from a time when a bouquet of flowers wasn’t involved. Instead it was the bride’s wedding dress that single women would contend for, as ripping off pieces of it was meant to provide them with good luck.

Over time, rather than having their dresses mauled, this tradition eventually evolved into tossing the bouquet, which initially consisted of aromatic components such as herbs and fruit.

The Ring Finger and Wedding Bands

The third finger on which the wedding bands are worn was a symbolic ritual that originated from Egypt. The circular shape of the wedding band represents eternity, with the central opening symbolizing the doorway into the future, much like the commitment each person makes when taking their vows. It’s placed on the third finger on the left hand since it represents a direct connection to the heart.

The Bridal Veil

The bridal veil became a part of the wedding tradition often for the purpose of shielding the bride’s face from the weather elements. But it is also a symbolic part of the bridal dress that represents purity and virtue.

The White Dress

Of course, similar to the bridal veil, the white wedding dress has also been passed down as a figurative gesture for displaying the purity of the bride. But this was a ritual that only developed during the Victorian era. Prior to that, white was uncommon and brides – especially royal brides – opted from more elaborate colours on the big day.

The Garter Belt

The garter belt carries a similar traditional belief of good luck as the bouquet tossing. Tradition says that the male who catches the garter will have good luck.


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