Planning a Fabulous Fall Wedding

Planning a Fabulous Fall Wedding

Everyone feels a little bit differently about when is the perfect time of year to get married. However, more and more couples are opting to get married in the fall instead of in the summer because of the wide variety of colour options that are available to them. Fall is an ideal time to get married because the weather is typically cooler and the beautiful colours make for excellent picture opportunities.

Warm Colour Scheme

A bride and groom can also use a warmer colour scheme when they opt to get married in the fall. Instead of bright colours, they can choose to tone it town a little bit and use warmer tones such as a variety of oranges and reds. These colours make for a great combination especially if the couple that is getting married loves the outdoors.

Cooler Temperatures

Fall weddings tend to be beautiful whether they are hosted outdoors or at an indoor Ottawa wedding venue like St. Elias Centre. With cooler temperatures you can ensure that your guests will be comfortable getting to the venue and partying through the night. There is no awkward sweating because of the extreme heat that typically comes with a summer wedding.

Wedding Dress

If the bride was worried about having to wear a sleeveless dress she won’t have to worry anymore if she opts for a fall wedding. In the fall, a dress with sleeves is much more acceptable than it would be in the summer heat. This typically makes the bride more comfortable if she was worried about having to find a dress that wasn’t comfortable for her.

Fall Decorations

The decorations that can be used for a fall wedding come with endless options. From orange to red, deep greens and other fall colours you can make the decorations warm and inviting. The type of flowers that you choose for the wedding scheme can also be fall flowers such as aster and some types of lilies.

There is truly no shortage of ideas for fall weddings. With the leaves changing colours on the trees, the photos that you take will be ones that you never forget. Fall also offers milder weather conditions that can make your big day extremely comfortable for all involved. So if you don’t want to get married in the summer heat, consider a fall wedding that will give you a variety of colour options as well as excellent photo opportunities.

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