Pros and Cons of a Destination Wedding vs an In Town Wedding

Pros and Cons of a Destination Wedding vs an In Town Wedding

Are you debating between the pros and cons of a destination wedding vs an in-town wedding? We’re here to help you determine the right choice for you and your soon-to-be spouse. Here’s what to consider before making your final decision.

Destination Wedding – Pros

A Complete Package

For some couples, the idea of getting married abroad is preferable as it offers a simple, complete package to make their planning process easy. Many resorts nowadays have planners inhouse to help arrange what you need. And as a bonus, some resorts will also offer complementary services to entice more couples to choose their location. 

Pleasant Weather

Of course, there’s also the fact that you can take advantage of the sunny, warm weather. If you’re aiming for the tropics, this can also give you the freedom to be more flexible with your wedding date and host a winter wedding instead. 

Avoid Having A Large, Stressful Wedding Party

There are many couples who don’t want to be faced with a large guest list. And a destination wedding gives you the perfect excuse to keep it small, simple and intimate. With a small wedding and smaller list, you can focus on inviting the people you really want to be a part of your special day.

Destination Wedding – Cons

Trust Factor

It’s not always easy to trust someone to organize your entire wedding day, especially when they’re located abroad, and when you’ve never met them. Plus, there can be numerous hurdles and complications when getting married in a foreign country. There is always a higher risk that something will go wrong, which can end up adding more stress to your plate than anticipated.

Family May Not Attend

You’ll also have to face the reality that many of your guests may not want to or be able to attend due to the amount of money or time that they’ll have to book off from work. So always consider those who you really want to be there and make sure they can attend before planning it abroad.

Your Honeymoon With Family

If your plan is to get married in the tropics and then continue to enjoy your honeymoon there, just remember that you’ll still have family members there tagging along. You’ll need to consider whether you’ll have the romantic alone time that you want and whether the family will be more of a pain to deal with during that time. 

In-Town Wedding – Pros

You Have Control

Hosting an in-town wedding means that you can have complete control over every detail of your wedding day. Whether you’re planning it as a couple or hiring a wedding planner, you get to see, touch, and sample everything to ensure your day is exactly as you envisioned it. 

More Friends & Family Can Attend

Of course, with a venue that’s close to home, more of the people you care about can join and celebrate your special day. You get to create lasting memories surrounded by all of your loved ones.

Convenient & Cost-Effective

By the time you add up the cost of flights, insurance, hotels, the wedding package, and everything in between, a destination wedding can actually end up setting you back more than hosting it close to home. 

In-Town Wedding – Cons

Limited Options

Depending on where you live, you could have limited options when it comes to venues, catering, outfits and more. 

More Competition

You may also have to contend with peak season, which can equate to more competition and higher fees. If you’re planning for a spring or summer wedding, be sure to book your services and venue well ahead of time.

Messy Weather

Weather can also be an aggravating factor based on your location. If you want a nature-filled wedding, it could be stressful to plan an outdoor setting with unpredictable weather to deal with.

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