Pros and Cons of a Wedding Gift Registry

Pros and Cons of a Wedding Gift Registry

Part of the wedding preparation involves making some decisions about the wedding gifts. You and your future spouse will need to give some serious thought as to whether you wish to receive gifts at the venue or sign up for a gift registry at a store. And while it’s often easier to sign up for a gift registry than having to worry about physical gifts during the night of your wedding, a registry isn’t for everyone. So, if you’re at this stage of your wedding planning and are unsure about how to proceed with the gift set up, check out these pros and cons of a wedding gift registry first before deciding.

The Pros

Ease of Use for Your Guests

Not everyone loves the idea of shopping for a gift – it can be frustrating and challenging just trying to figure out what to get. A gift registry makes it much easier for your guests – especially for those who have no idea what you would like.  They can simply login online, see what items you have suggested, and choose from the selection available. Guests can be satisfied knowing that they will be selecting a gift you love.

Saves Time

Not everyone has time to shop for themselves, never mind for others. Deciding on what to purchase and then shopping around for the item can take lots of time and can also mean having to endure hectic malls. You will be doing your guests a favour by saving them time and effort with a gift registry.

Avoid Duplicates

Having three toasters, five sets of wine glasses and four cutlery sets isn’t exactly practical, but it can happen when it comes to wedding gifts. When you receive duplicates of the same item, it can become awkward asking someone to provide a receipt to return their gift. A gift registry avoids this all together – once someone purchases an item, another person cannot go ahead and buy the same one.

Multiple Items

Some of your closer relatives might want to get you multiple items. A gift registry makes that easy since they can choose as many of the items they wish and make you a complete gift basket.

The Cons

Lack of Choices

Some couples don’t always take the right numbers into account, not selecting enough gifts in the registry. This can leave some people in the dark and out of luck, resorting to handing you money or buying you a gift that’s not on the registry.  Both could cause issues if you didn’t plan on collecting gifts or large sums of money at your wedding.

Some Prefer Different Options

Many wedding guests prefer to give money or heartfelt personalized gifts. If you only set up a registry, this can make it difficult for others to access – especially those who are not Internet savvy like your great-grandmother. So, if you do decide on a registry, consider also having a money box or gift table that one of your trustworthy bridesmaids or family members can take care of in case any surprise gifts arrive.

Decisions, Decisions

With a registry, you must decide what types of gifts you want and need. It can be a challenging and overwhelming process if you’re the type of person who has everything or doesn’t like receiving gifts in the first place.

Wedding registries are not for everyone, and each couple should take careful consideration to determine whether it’s the right option for them.

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