The Perks of a Summer Wedding

The Perks of a Summer Wedding

Are you in the midst of planning a wedding and getting caught up on what time of year is best?  Any season will have pros and cons, but summer just seems to hit all the right notes. With access to the outdoors and flowers in full bloom, a summer wedding can be the perfect fit for any type of wedding theme imaginable. But those aren’t the only reasons – check out some of these other special perks of hosting a summer wedding.

More options for venues

With a summer wedding, you have a lot more options when it comes to venues. You can enjoy the outdoors under a beautiful terrace, impress with a rooftop venue, astound with a golf course theme, or even take your wedding out into the forest or country. Plus, you can mix and match indoor and outdoor settings and get the best of both worlds.

Great for photos

One of the biggest perks of a summer wedding is that you’re not limited to only indoor photos. Natural light and beautiful landscapes can really set the scene for some spectacular shots. Plus, you can even embrace the sunshine and get tat natural glowing tan for the big day.

Ample dress options

Your bridesmaids can enjoy having a wide selection of beautiful and airy dresses to choose from. You will also have more of a selection of wedding dresses and can go with a shorter style if you please. And you won’t have to worry about dragging it through the snow and dirt that builds up in the other seasons.

No contending with the weather

Rain rarely prevents anyone from coming to your wedding, but a huge snow storm can. Winter weddings can hinder accessibility and travel to your venue. And a wedding is little fun without the guests!

Stunning arrangements

With flowers in full bloom you can be guaranteed to have stunning floral arrangements and full extravagant bouquets. You can also use natural greenery such as hanging vines and gardens to accent your floral designs or outdoor venue.

Plenty of Light

Summer promises longer days of light, which is perfect for an afternoon or early evening outdoor wedding. Plus, you won’t feel the pressure to rush and get your photographs in before it gets dark out. You can save that for the dancing!

Summer weddings are a popular choice and for good reason. Just don’t wait too late to book the venue, as summer is a busy time and you want to ensure you don’t miss out on having the perfect setting.

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