Unique Wedding Traditions

5 Unique Wedding Traditions

Looking for unique wedding traditions to lend some inspiration for your big day? There are many different fascinating customs from across the globe that are fun, romantic and heartfelt. If you’re looking for some interesting rituals to incorporate into your wedding day, here are some to think about.

Jumping the Broom

Originating from West Africa and Wiccan culture, this tradition dates all the way back to the 19th century. The ritual starts by placing a broom down after the ceremony once it is officiated. Then the couple takes each other’s hands and jumps over the broomstick to symbolize that they’re leaving their old lives behind while making room for their new life together.

Sand Pouring

Though still unique, the sand pouring ritual is among the more renowned traditions for weddings. Sand is poured by the couple into one vase to create a layered pattern. The layering of sand is said to represent the unity and blending of the happy couple.  

Time Capsules

As kids, we all loved to create some form of time capsule, but today, they’ve become a romantic tradition for weddings too. After the happy couple writes love letters to one another, they place them into a box, along with a favourite bottle and beverage of choice and any other meaningful keepsakes. Then, they shut it and put it away to be opened in the future. Opening it is usually reserved for a special anniversary, to celebrate and rekindle the couple’s love.


Dating back to Medieval times, this Celtic wedding ritual was used as a means to bind the couple before marriage licenses existed. A colourful cord is used – with different colours representing different meanings – and then the cord is placed around the couple’s hands to bind them together for eternity.

Burying the Bourbon

To stave off bad weather for the big day, superstitious Southerners would often buy a bottle of bourbon and bury it upside down at the site of the wedding ceremony. Then, when the wedding day arrived, they would retrieve it after tying the knot and enjoy drinking it together. 

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