What to Look for When Searching for a Business Luncheon Venue in Ottawa

business luncheon venue in ottawa

A business luncheon requires a special setting that allows you to engage in productive conversation and presentations, improve relationships and impress. Finding the right venue for your business luncheon takes special attention to ensure things go as planned from the convenience of the location to the serving of the final cup of coffee.

The ideal spot will have outstanding service, ample space and equipment, superb food and a welcoming atmosphere where interruptions are minimal.

Here’s what to look for in your search for the perfect business luncheon venue:

Exceptional Menu 

You need a menu that can provide everything from vegan meals to assisting with possible food allergies (or even aversions) so your clients or team members can enjoy their meal without any concerns or embarrassment.

This means when planning the menu you want to check with the client and/or team to ensure there aren’t any allergies you need to worry about. As well you want to look for a venue that can provide a pre-set menu that is often a good idea if budget is an issue or you can choose from a regular menu to provide variety.

Buffets also work well for larger groups as people can pick and choose what they wish to eat. Look into coffee service, water, etc. as well so that everyone has what they need throughout the luncheon following the meal.

Number of People

Your business luncheon venue has to be able to accommodate your head count. You want to know that they have the room for your group as well as a private area for your meetings or presentations.

Make sure you discuss your head count and that they have ample parking, bathrooms and seating for larger groups.


You want a location that can be easily reached by everyone preferably accessible by car or public transit. Unless you are providing transportation for a team meeting, keep in mind not everyone has a car.

You also want a location that is presentable, well maintained and has pleasing decor that will make people feel comfortable.


If your business luncheon will include presentations ensure your venue can accommodate your equipment or better yet provide dependable equipment you can use. Make sure they have someone on site available in case there are any technical difficulties to avoid interruption or delays.

Finding the right business luncheon venue will ensure your event is successful.

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