Why March is the Perfect Time for a Wedding

Why March is the Perfect Time for a Wedding

Setting a date for your big day is one of the most important elements in creating the perfect wedding. From booking the wedding photographer to making arrangements with the florist, reserving hotel rooms, and choosing the best wedding venue in Ottawa – it can all add up so quickly. This is why you should consider booking at a time that’s in the off-peak season. Here are a few pointers for why March is the best time for hosting your wedding day:

Cheaper rental fees

Since March is completely off the peak season, it’s the ideal time to find a perfect wedding venue in Ottawa that is more affordable, and often significantly cheaper in comparison what they would cost just a few months before or later. If money is more of an issue than the weather – March is the best choice to bet on.

It’s much easier to find the perfect venue

Since this time of the year is quieter, this means less competition for the venue of your wishes. You won’t have to fight with other brides and grooms-to-be for that ideal Saturday booking. Aside from venues, other essentials that are required for the big day – a florist, catering, a band or DJ – will be a breeze to book, and will spare you the headache of having to find a few backup options if it were the summer.

You can choose winter or spring

Since March is a time of year that isn’t always predictable, is does leave you the option of deciding whether you want a winter or spring theme – or maybe even a bit of both. If you are keen on having an outdoor ceremony, this gives you the freedom to be more creative. For example, you can serve some hot beverages, light up some lanterns and even give out some blankets that accent your wedding day colours. If the weather happens to take a turn for the worst, just have a backup plan in place. Either way, you will still be saving your time and money in the long run.

Better rates for travelling

If you know that a significant portion of your guests will be flying in from out of town, or country, March is the best time for them to grab some potentially cheaper fares. Since it isn’t peak season for travelling, this will save them from digging deeper into their pockets, and instead, use it towards your wedding gift – hopefully. Additionally, if you are planning on zipping away somewhere after the wedding celebrations, it’s a great time to find the most amazing yet affordable package for some relaxation and romance.

Planning your wedding doesn’t have to drain your pockets or make you feel overwhelmed. You just have to think outside of the box and figure out where you can trim down on expenses, while making the most out of your special day. For these reasons, there’s no better time to book a date at the St. Elias Centre than in March 2017.

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