Why More People Are Having Winter Weddings

People are choosing winter weddings now more than ever, and there are good reasons why. The winter season comes with plenty of advantages, including less competition for venues, discounted rates, cheaper accommodations and of course, a magical wintery backdrop for photos. If you’re considering a winter wedding, here are some benefits of saying ‘I do’ during this time of year.

You Can Save More Money

If you’re working with a tighter budget and want to save money, then winter is an ideal time to plan your big day. Since it’s less popular than spring, summer and fall, there are many opportunities to save with discounted rates. In fact, you can find many things at a fraction of their original price which lets you get the most out of your budget.

Less Competition for Venues and Vendors

During the winter, you won’t have to struggle to book in with your favourite vendors, venue, and date. With less competition, you have more options to choose from and less stress involved.

Magical Snowy Backdrop 

A white wintery setting can make your wedding day look and feel even more like a fairytale. With glistening snow, holiday décor and lights twinkling throughout, it’s easy to create a magical setting for your photos and venue.

More People Can Attend

During the busy summer and fall months, lots of people are usually travelling, have plans or their kids are in school. This can make it tricky for many guests to attend your wedding. But during the winter, aside from the holiday season, there usually isn’t much going on. This means it’s more likely that people will be available and excited for your wedding since there isn’t much to look forward to during the colder months. 

No Humidity to Deal With

The summer months can be sweltering at times. When the heat and humidity are high, it can ruin your makeup, hair, and make you feel downright uncomfortable. Making adjustments for the humid weather isn’t always easy either. However, in the winter, even during cold spells, it’s much easier to plan for and deal with. With some cozy blankets, hot beverages and a warm shawl to cover up, you can make simple adjustments that will keep you, your wedding party, and your guests comfy.

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