Why You Should Choose St. Elias Centre for Your Trade Show

Choosing St. Elias for your next trade show

Trade shows are a great way for different companies to showcase their accomplishments, interact with prospective clients, and create brand awareness. Not only are trade shows an opportunity for companies to demonstrate new products and services to customers, but they are also a great way to network with other businesses in the industry. Meeting face-to-face with existing and potential clients, customers, and business contacts is the best way to establish meaningful relationships. If you are looking to plan an Ottawa trade show, the St. Elias Centre is the perfect location!

No matter the size of your event, the St. Elias Centre will be able to help you prepare and host a trade show that will be rewarding both for you and all of the exhibitors. Our first-class newly renovated facility is guaranteed to impress your guests. Here are some reasons why the St. Elias Centre is perfect for your upcoming trade show:


The St. Elias Centre is easy to get to, as it is centrally located just off Riverside Drive across from Mooney’s Bay. Exhibitors and guests from out of town will have no trouble navigating their way to our facility. The convenient location also makes it perfect for people living in the area to attend an Ottawa trade show for a morning or an afternoon.


The centre boasts an elegant hall with over 11,500 square-feet that can be partitioned into smaller rooms at your request. This amount of square footage provides plenty of space for you and other exciting exhibitors to promote your business activities.


An important component of your trade show checklist is ensuring that you have the equipment that you need for a successful event. You can choose to provide your own computers, projectors, screens and other equipment, or you can request the St. Elias Centre to alleviate some of the trade show stress and rent the equipment on your behalf. The St. Elias Centre also provides high-speed Internet access with wireless access if required. Our professional services are here to assist you in making your trade show run smoothly!


Hosting an Ottawa trade show can require attendees to visit from out of town. The St. Elias Centre provides 400 onsite free parking spots for attendees, saving you the hassle of booking parking spaces for your visitors.

Food & Beverage

Who can resist delicious food and cocktails? Feed exhibitors’ appetites by adding catering to your event. The St. Elias Centre offers in-house catering with our own executive chef, facilities, and customer service, all delivered on time and on budget.

When you consider location, size, equipment, amenities, and catering, it is clear that the St. Elias Centre is the perfect venue for Ottawa trade shows.


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