10 Perfect DIY Touches for an Unforgettable Wedding

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The modern bride has taken to adding personal touches to her wedding as a way to save money and add some personality. If you are considering adding some DIY touches to your wedding, try these five unforgettable ideas:

Wedding Bouquets

Wedding bouquets can cost a fortune for something you are literally going to toss away. The key to a beautiful wedding bouquet is simplicity. Go with a single type of flower. The larger the flower, the easier it will be to arrange. Look at clusters of three or five and use flowers such as peonies, hydrangeas or even lilacs still on their pretty gray stems. You can then add a touch of greenery and secure them with a rubber band. Finish your bouquet off with a pretty ribbon.


You can create a lovely arbour affordably and relatively easily. You can either rent an arbour or if your guy is particularly handy, have him build one using lattice and wood from your local lumber shop. You can then decorate using dollar store flowers which will look just as pretty as fresh flowers from far away. Other lovely choices for decorating are branches of deep red dogwood, birch, or the same fresh flowers used in your bouquet.

Program Fans

Combining your program with a practical fan is a great idea for those summer weddings when things can really heat up. Have fun using items such as popsicle sticks and doilies to create whimsical fans. You can then tie each with a ribbon in your wedding colours.

Mason Jars

Mason jars can be used for a number of DIY ideas from centrepieces to candle holders for tea lights. You can hang mason jars from chairs or pews filled with fresh flowers for your Ottawa wedding venue, use them to create lovely patio lanterns, or even fill them with the ingredients for a favourite drink or cookie recipe as gifts.

Place Cards

Get creative and design place cards for your Ottawa wedding venue that tie into your theme. Consider cutting rounds from pretty birch branches with a slit sawed in the top to hold the place cards or use thimbles of thread in your wedding colours and put name tags on lollipop sticks and slip them in the hole.

It just takes a little creativity to bring DIY touches into your Ottawa wedding venue or to add some personality to your ceremony.

Create a Comfort Station

Many of us appreciate comfort more than ever, and one way you can really wow and welcome your guests is by creating a comfort station just for them. This is a simple and thoughtful way to ensure your guests can enjoy your special day to the fullest. Some staples to consider for your comfort station include rolled blankets, flip flops, water, and maybe a few extras like gum or mints. 

Create a Beverage Bar

If you’re having a winter wedding, offer your guests a delicious way to stay warm with a dedicated hot chocolate bar. It’s simple and easy to set up. All you need is a few large canisters of hot water, your favourite hot chocolate mix, and a variety of sumptuous toppings including marshmallows, candy canes, caramel bits, cookies, chopped nuts and/or whipped cream. If you want to get really fancy and wow them, add some Baileys or Kahlua to the table.

Of course, you can switch this up to suit your wedding season. For summer weddings, a few large pitchers of homemade lemonade or ice tea are always a hit. For autumn, capture those epic flavours that are akin to this season with pumpkin spiced beverages or apple cider.

Make Wedding Signs

If you have an artistic flare, add some creative wedding signs to your venue. You can use a range of items like vintage mirrors or upcycled wood. Then, find some inspiring stenciled words and add them in a large calligraphic font to lend the perfect, beautiful vintage touch.

Design Your Backdrop

For those who really want to get creative and make something to impress, design your own backdrop. Use inspiration from nature for a stunning and budget-friendly option. You could combine branches, greenery, and flowers alongside lanterns and candles for a show-stopping display. Incorporate seasonal items like pumpkins and wheat in the fall, or berries and evergreens in the winter.

Hand-Stamped Wax Seals

Wax seals, which are often used to seal up envelopes in a classy manner, can add a touch of luxury to any type of stationary. Plus, it’s fun to use them! You can order a customized seal with a monogram and use it to spruce up the look and elegance of your invitation, thank-you, or even placement cards for an extra touch of flair.