5 Signs You’ve Found the Right Ottawa Wedding Venue

5 Signs You’ve Found the Right Ottawa Wedding Venue

Planning the perfect wedding is not an easy task. There are details to be arranged and planned sometimes years in advance. Looking for the dream backdrop for your wedding is an important part of the planning. Here are five signs that you’ve found the right wedding venue for you!

Easy communication with the venue

There is nothing more frustrating than falling in love with a venue but having the impossible task of tracking down the right person to talk to about the booking. If the staff are not responsive or make you feel like your booking is not special to them, then perhaps it’s not the place you want to entrust to host the most important day of your lives. Having full trust and communication with the venue is important for planning purposes in advance of and on the day of the wedding. Your venue representatives should make you feel special and comforted that your needs are being met.

Accommodating to any special needs

Perhaps your needs include wheelchair access for certain wedding guests. This is an important consideration to make because not all venues have proper wheelchair access, which could exclude important members of the wedding. Or perhaps some of your guests suffer from food allergies and special accommodations need to be made. Whatever your specific special needs are for the wedding you need to be certain your venue can accommodate them all fully.

Pretty location

Remember that photos will be taken at all areas of the venue, so having a nice backdrop available is certainly key. Being across the street from parks or beaches is an extra bonus to any venue.

Ample Parking

Parking is a concern at any large gathering. Be certain to investigate that your venue has ample parking available to anyone who will be driving. If parking is free then you know you’ve scored an excellent wedding venue! It’s also important to ask in advance if overnight parking is permitted in the event that guests have too much to drink and need to leave their car overnight.


The cost of your wedding venue can be one of the most expensive aspects of your wedding depending on where you choose. Be sure to know how much the venue will charge for each part of the wedding day and go into the wedding day with a clear financial picture. You don’t have to break the bank to have a stunning wedding venue.

Come and explore the St. Elias Centre and see that all of your wedding venue needs are met!

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