4 Corporate Party Ideas to Make Your Event a Success

4 corporate party ideas to make your event a success

Corporate events are often viewed by staff as a boring event they have to endure. However, you can help your team enjoy themselves with proper planning and a little creativity. Here are four corporate party ideas to make your event a success:


Most people enjoy the challenge of a good trivia game. You can add a personal twist to trivia questions based on your industry or even specific to your business. Take 30 minutes to an hour to host a fun trivia game looking back at the events that have happened over the year. Trivia questions could include fun office antics such as who ate all of the Halloween candy, or how long it took to close that huge deal. You can also test people’s knowledge of industry trends or even poke fun at the competition. It can be educational, or just a silly way to keep people engaged and entertained.

Photo Booth

Everyone loves a good photo booth. They remind people of days gone by and provide an instant memory of the day’s events. You can give your guests a chance to break out of their shell and have fun hamming it up. One example of a company that has great photo booth experiences is http://www.omg-entertainments.co.uk. You can provide fun costumes such as hats, boas and sunglasses or offer a number of fun backdrops. The photos can then be placed on a website for everyone to check out their photos and share them with coworkers.

Wine or Craft Beer Tasting

Arranging a wine or craft beer tasting allows coworkers to put their stresses of the office behind them and enjoy learning something new together. Ontario wines and craft beers are quickly growing in popularity. You can invite people to participate in a tasting and learn more about what the local talent has to offer. This is also a great idea for restaurant teams as well as people in the food industry.

Dessert/Candy Bar

Give your team a chance to indulge in decadent treats with a dessert or candy bar. You can do a retro candy table where guests can load up on their favourite sweets from their childhood or a gorgeous, elegant spread of decadent baked goods. You can also have something fun such as a chocolate fountain or a make your own sundae bar.

Corporate events don’t have to be boring. You can communicate with your team about important information while offering them time to unwind and have fun.

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