Why You Should Host Your Corporate Christmas Party at the St. Elias Centre

why st. elias should host your christmas party

With the holidays just around the corner it’s a good idea to start planning your corporate Christmas party before things get too busy. The St. Elias Centre in Ottawa can assist you in and all of your planning needs by providing all of the party necessities:

Beautiful Venue

The St. Elias Centre offers a beautiful venue which is situated just across from lovely Mooney’s Bay. During the winter months it becomes covered in snow creating an elegant façade and lovely holiday lighting. The interior is warm and inviting with elegant chandeliers that provide sparkle and sophistication to the evening. You will have your choice of festive linens to complete the look of your dining hall and can arrange to bring in all of the holiday decor you need to suit your party theme. Guests will feel welcome and know much thought has been put into the event.

Free Parking

Many companies like to hold their corporate Christmas party at trendy locations downtown. Although they tend to be very enjoyable, getting to and from the restaurant can pose a problem. At St. Elias there will be plenty of parking making it easy for people to get to the venue in their holiday best. There is also easy access for plenty of cabs to take guests home following the festivities.

Amazing Food

The holidays are the one time of year when everyone forgets about their diets and indulge themselves in all of the wonderfully rich menus and treats of the season. You can select a customized meal working with St. Elias’ exceptional chefs whose only wish is to make your guests happy. From beautifully prepared platters of appetizers to welcome guests to luscious buffets and elegant sit down meals, you can choose the perfect menu for your corporate Christmas party staff will be speaking about for years.

Great Service

St. Elias will work hand in hand with you to create the ultimate corporate Christmas party. Your holiday party becomes magical and worry free as their team of expert party planners assist with the food, decor and other accommodations you might require. They are well connected and are always able to accommodate special wishes. They can make suggestions for everything you need from food to flowers. Each detail is designed to best suit your guest list and also set the stage for a beautifully orchestrated evening from start to finish.

At St. Elias your guests will experience exceptional service, mouth-watering food and bask in the lovely surroundings for a truly memorable Christmas party.

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