5 Party Decoration Tips

5 Party Decoration Tips

Need some decoration ideas for a big venue? We have you covered! These 5 party decoration tips will make the largest venue feel more intimate while impressing your guests for any celebration.

Tall Table Centres

Large event spaces often come with tall ceilings. To make the area feel more intimate, you can introduce tall table centres. Think decorated tree branches, or even helium-filled balloons stemming off of a beautiful floral centerpiece. The more height you can add to the tables, the lower the ceiling will feel, providing a cozier environment.

Create Sections

You can use satin curtains or decorative screens to section off areas that will not be used to create more intimate areas. This allows you to create separate sections for dining, dancing, and mingling.

Test the Sound

Bigger spaces also may create different acoustics. Always test the sound a day or two before the event and make adjustments where necessary to best fit the theme of your party. This includes testing the DJ booth equipment and any microphones that will be used throughout the event.

Keep the Bar Flowing

Always plan ahead on how you would like the alcohol to be served. The last thing you want is for long lineups at the bar, so if you have an open bar or cash bar setting, make sure to staff accordingly. Also, you may want to opt to include table service if people will be sitting throughout the event. This can help keep the bar flowing and also provide your guests with some time to rest their legs after dancing.

Meet and Greet

When guests first arrive, you don’t want them lost outside of the property. Light the way with lanterns and provide signs and directions to the parking lot and into the venue. It’s also wise to have someone who can meet and greet guests and direct them to the coat check, bathroom and to the event area with a smile.

To have your party go off without a hitch, make sure to plan ahead. And when you need the perfect large venue space for any celebration – a wedding, family reunion, work function, or just holiday event, join us at the St. Elias Centre in Ottawa. We have a beautiful and elegant event hall that can be sectioned off as you need, along with onsite catering, bar staff, and stunning décor and grounds. Whatever your party needs, we’re here to help make it a memorable and enjoyable occasion for everyone.

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