5 Tips for a Great Staff Christmas Party

5 Tips for a Great Staff Christmas Party

With Christmas on its way, it’s time to get excited about all the events and parties that the holiday season brings. And this includes your staff Christmas Party. If you’re the one who has been chosen to plan it this year, you’ll be under pressure to deliver an even better event than the years before. But don’t fret, there are lots of great ideas you can incorporate to make it the best party your company has ever seen. Just follow these 7 tips to help organize a great staff Christmas party this year.

Find An Impressive Venue

You want your colleagues to be impressed by the venue you’ve selected. For that to happen, you need a space that has gorgeous décor like grand chandeliers, a full-size theatre stage, a spacious lobby, on-site professional staff, and amenities. Plus, you need the space to be large enough to fit all the staff comfortably, and one that can be easily adjusted if needed.

Get On-Site Catering

You want the night to go off without a hitch, and to do that you need on-site catering. Having a chef who can come up with some holiday culinary masterpieces for your staff Christmas party will make all the difference. By having on-site catering, you can feel rest assured that the food will be made hot and served fresh right out of the kitchen. And if there are any last-minute additions or changes you need to make, you have the chef right at your fingertips.

Offer A Variety Of Festive Drinks

The on-site bar needs to be stocked with all the most popular spirits and beers, but you also should add some holiday touches to keep it exciting. That includes spiked egg nog, holiday punch, and mulled wine.

Offer Parking & Have Taxis Arranged

You want everyone to have the most amazing night, but you also want the night to end safely. Your venue should include enough parking for all the designated drivers, but also have taxis ready for those who plan to let loose. Have the venue staff arrange some taxis to arrive throughout the night, or set up a desk where you can have someone arrange taxis for those who need one.

Crank Up Holiday Tunes And Old-Time Favourites

Nothing is worse than a party without good music. What you need is a mix of upbeat holiday classics and some classic favourites that everyone will enjoy. Hire a DJ who can put together an amazing mix of music to keep the party going. The venue you choose should also offer an amazing sound system in the main room, along with an outside area and side rooms for more quieter conversation.

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