5 Ways To Effectively Plan A Wedding Budget

5 Ways To Effectively Plan A Wedding Budget

Planning a wedding can feel like a whirlwind when you’re faced with a myriad of things to do. But one area that’s important to start off with before anything else is determining your budget. Beginning your wedding shopping without clearly understanding your budget ahead of time can equate to some serious stress down the road. Find the best ways to effectively plan a wedding budget below to help start you off on the right foot!

Figure Out Who’s Paying For What

In some traditions, both sides of the family will pay for a portion of the wedding, or in some cases – one side may take care of the entire thing. Either way, it’s important to have a conversation with both sides of the family to determine if they will be contributing and if so, how much exactly.

Determine Your Guest List

Next up, you’ll need to understand what numbers you’re looking at regarding your invitee list to better judge your budget. At this point, you should have a vague idea of your maximum and minimum spending amount, so make sure you plan your guest list accordingly. If you need to exclude people from that list to shave down the amount, don’t be afraid to do so.

Think About What’s Important To You

What aspects of your wedding day are really important to you as a couple? Maybe it’s the venue and menu as opposed to the décor and music. Think about what your priorities are and then work your budget around those things. This can make it easier when you need to sacrifice some of the not-so-important items on your list.

Consider the Timeframe Of Your Wedding Day

The season and day will also play a big role when it comes to the cost of your wedding. So put some thought into when you plan to host your wedding day. Spring, summer, and fall tend to be more in demand, thanks to the pleasant weather, of course. So, you should expect more competition and higher fees. A late fall or winter wedding, on the other hand, can provide more options and better rates – something also worth considering if you need more wiggle room in your budget.

Consider the Venue

Do you plan on having a formal affair, intimate backyard setting or something in between? Certain venues will offer full-service packages that include in-house catering, modern décor, parking services, and everything you need to ensure your day goes smoothly. On the other hand, if you decide to host a more casual day in a backyard setting, just consider the cost factor alongside the amount of time and effort it can require to plan out those details on your own. Always consider your venue options by weighing the cost/benefits of each before deciding.

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