Choosing a Banquet Hall

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When you are planning a special event the banquet hall you choose can make or break your evening. Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect banquet hall:

Good Location

Without a good location you risk the chance of poor attendance. Make sure there is ample parking for those who drive. As well there should be easy access to cabs as well as public transit. The location should also be in a picturesque spot with a well-appointed interior that is warm, welcoming and elegant. A choice of room sizes to suit large or small parties is also important.

Flexible Venue

You have to be certain you understand what your venue can and cannot do. Often, when people book a venue they don’t realize quite what they’ve gotten themselves into. Many venues have strict house rules which can really limit your options. In fact you might find your venue of choice is not willing to bend on a number of game breakers. This can include many important details such as bringing in your own decor and flowers, serving a specialty dessert or access for wheelchairs. Discuss all of your needs before making a commitment so you know your banquet hall is flexible and willing to help your event be a great success.

Decor Options

Many venues have strict rules regarding decor. They might not allow you to use your own details, or have limits as to what decor you can bring into the venue. Others might not offer any assistance and leave you to set everything up on your own. Look for a banquet hall that offers many options including customized linens and the names of suppliers to assist you set up the perfect backdrop for your event. You want to be able to create the perfect ambiance suited to the theme and occasion.


The menu will play a major role in satisfying your guests. Banquet Halls such as the St. Elias Centre offer a world class menu with many options including a choice between a sit down meal and a buffet. They should be able to accommodate an intimate cocktail party with finger food and appetizers or a four course meal. You also want a venue that will welcome your own caterers if you have a special menu in mind.

The right banquet hall will provide an ideal location with flexible service certain to meet your needs.

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