6 Ways to Create a Beautiful Wedding Reception

6 ways to create a beautiful wedding reception

Trying to create a beautiful wedding reception isn’t always easy. By following these six professional decorating tips, you’re sure to have a stunning, and beautiful wedding you’ve always dreamed of:


You can truly create a magical, and romantic wedding reception experience by adding your own decorative lighting. You can work with the existing lighting and look for ways to incorporate more personalized designs using garland, ribbon, and tissue. There may also be a way to hang temporary lights such as chandeliers or lanterns.

Another great idea is to incorporate candelabras throughout the room rather than just having smaller candles spread across the tables. This will give your wedding reception a classic, romantic feel your guests will love. You may also want to consider using uplighting solutions, as well as interesting floor lamps and table lamps to add a different mood throughout the area. Either way, playing with the lighting is a great way to make your wedding reception more memorable.

Large Flowers and Trees

You may have recently noticed that centrepieces are becoming larger in size, and feature some unique, large flowers and tree branches. These pieces can give your reception a whimsical charm that your guests have never experienced. Birch tree stumps paired with candles and colourful flowers can add a lovely design element when lit with fairy lights. Palm trees can also be used for a more tropical feel.

Trees and larger planters can bring a real fullness to your decor and sometimes renting larger items can prove to be more affordable than trying to fill a large space with hundreds of smaller plants and flowers.


You can always consider turning your wedding into a large romantic tent using draping. You can focus either on the ceiling above the dance floor or the make the focal point at the head table to draw in the entire room.

Special Areas

You can create special areas such as a bar and lounge for a quiet space for people to sit and chat complete with large, rented lounging furniture and big comfy cushions in elegant fabric.

Unique Linen

Your wedding venue will provide linen but you can also provide your own overlays of interesting and colourful fabric to add impact and carry over your colour scheme with more personality and flair.

Glass, Mirrors and Metal

Bring in more sparkle by adding additional glassware, hanging and leaning mirrors against walls and adding more metal in gold or silver.

Enhancing the features of your wedding venue will make the space your own for a truly beautiful and memorable wedding reception.

How to Decorate a Banquet Hall

ottawa banquet halls

If you have an up and coming event at a banquet hall you will want to decorate the room to help set the mood and invite people in with a welcoming atmosphere. Here are three steps to decorate your banquet hall:

Choose a Theme

First you should decide on the theme of your event. Even if you don’t think your event needs a theme, coming up with a basic concept will help you in choosing a colour scheme, decor items and the mood you wish to set. A good starting point is to come up with a few words such as elegant and sophisticated, indulgent and luxurious, casual and comfortable, fun and playful; you will be able to start planning a theme based on the setting you wish to create.

For more sophisticated evenings you can focus on candlelight, flowers, overall lighting and elegant table settings as well as ice sculptures. For more casual evenings you can look for things such as balloons, instead of flowers, fun decor with food and table linens, interesting touches to reflect a theme such as sporty, beach, winter wonderland, etc. depending on the time of year or the reason for the event.

Banquet Hall Assistance

Once you have a theme in mind recruit your banquet hall coordinator to assist with the planning. They can help you by discussing what they have to offer as far as decor goes, and may also know some suppliers they can recommend. They will have planned hundreds of events and will be able to provide you with some great ideas as well as help you coordinate the delivery of decorations, flowers, etc.


Once you have your theme and a list of suppliers you can begin personalizing by developing a comprehensive decor scheme. This is where you get to explore your creative side and start layering on the decorative touches that will make the event special. Your banquet hall will provide you with the linens required for the base of your tables. You can then start adding flowers or balloons, candles and interesting touches such as candelabras, arches, gazebos, specialty seating such as lounge areas, fountains, special carpets or fabric for draping, tents, lattice and all kinds of fun items such as specialty lighting, kites, streamers, mirrors, ice sculptures and anything you can think of to enhance your theme.

Your banquet hall will be transformed and your guests will be impressed.

How to Host the Perfect Engagement Party

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There are not that many occasions in life that are perfectly designed for a big celebration. Engagements are big in the summer as many individuals get down on one knee and ask their loved ones to share their hand in marriage. Sharing this information with all of your friends and family is one of those big moments perfect for a large celebration. Be sure to host a great engagement party with these tips to get you started:

Traditional Hosting

It has always been tradition that the bride’s parents host the engagement party. It was often followed by a party hosted by the groom’s parents. However, it is more and more common for the couple themselves to throw the party and invite all of their friends and both sides of the family for one big celebration. If this is the case it is a good idea to look into using a banquet centre that can accommodate a larger group instead of trying to downsize your guest list to accommodate a smaller venue such as someone’s home or a restaurant. Banquet halls can adjust for your guest list and many offer more intimate settings should you get smaller numbers than expected.


Planning an engagement party is best scheduled shortly after the engagement has taken place. You want to give yourself about a month to plan as well as allow guests to add it to their schedules. Tentatively plan a date with your banquet centre and send out an RSVP within a month of the date.

Guest List

Only those who will be invited to the wedding should be invited to the engagement party. This does not mean to say you have to invite everyone you figure will be on your wedding guest list, but instead to suggest that you should not invite someone to the engagement party and then snub them on the wedding invite.

Engagement Photos

Consider having some engagement photos taken to send out with invitations and to post on Facebook. You can also create a timeline photo display for the party with the engagement photos as the final image.


Make sure guests do not feel obligated to bring a gift. This is not a shower. Simply print on your invites “No Gifts Required” so people know it is not a gift kind of event.

These tips offer the proper etiquette and planning for your engagement party.

3 Tips to Help Make Your Corporate Events Stand Out

3 tips to help make your corporate event stand out

When hosting corporate events you want to keep people engaged, and avoid guests rolling their eyes throughout the entire evening. You don’t want your guests to think that this is just any other corporate event, but one that stands out. Here are three tips you can use to create spectacular corporate events:

History Repeating

Whether you are new to the job or have been doing it for years take a look at what has been done in the past and avoid letting history repeat itself. Instead focus on creating a completely new event with new themes, entertainment, food and venue so that people will feel a little more anticipation at the thought of attending. You can also consider past successful and unsuccessful events and use the positive aspects to help you plan more effectively.

Get Creative with Themes

You may have used themes in the past, but be certain you do come up with a theme that will be interesting and new. Try to look for ways to tie it into the purpose of the event so that it will be clever. Make sure you think everything through from potential entertainment to the food and the venue to the decor so that everything ends up tying in perfectly together. Be as authentic as possible to show you’ve done your homework and that everything is well thought out. Look at the venue and come up with ideas for decor that people will enjoy exploring and find new and interesting details to point out to each other. You can even use humour to get your theme across and for more sophisticated events focus on beautiful details from flowers to chandeliers.

Stimulate the Senses

A good event will stimulate all five senses offering experiences people will enjoy. Use beautiful lighting and other visual details that people will get caught up in. Plan excellent food and drink for people to not only taste but to experience the lovely aromas as the food is served. Make sure music is relevant and ties into your theme and you can even consider ways to include touch such as giving away beautiful spa products.

These three tips will make your event stand out from the past by introducing new ways for people to enjoy themselves at a new venue with an exciting theme and stimulation for all of the senses.

What to Look for in a Good Trade Show Venue

what to look for in a good trade show venue

Trade shows are becoming ever more popular, and although they can be quite fun, they can also be difficult to plan and organize. Here are a few things you should look for in a venue:


Many trade shows tend to be way out of town making it difficult to get there even if people drive. People do not want to have to fight traffic and travel more than an hour to get to a trade show. Your trade show should be easy to reach for people whether they are traveling by car or public transportation to encourage more people to attend.


Most trade shows will require a number of additional services such as audio visual equipment, tables to be set up and even more importantly parking. You want to be certain you can accommodate the amount of people you are anticipating will attend, and that includes things such as washroom facilities, spacious halls and handicapped wheelchair access. Depending on the type of trade show you might also want to offer light refreshments or even a luncheon or dinner. All of these amenities will add to the enjoyment of those attending.


Don’t make the mistake of waiting too long to book your venue. Trade shows take plenty of planning, and finding the right venue will help ensure the dates and time will work out. Once you have the dates nailed down you can then immediately send out all marketing promotions and invitations. It is important that you and the venue have a signed agreement for a specific date and time as you don’t want your trade show plans to fall through.


You want to create an image that will be suited to your business and show your level of professionalism. Your venue should be well appointed with lovely surroundings with attention to detail. When people arrive you want them to feel you are offering a worthwhile event with comfortable surroundings they will appreciate.

With the perfect venue trade shows become so much easier as well as offer your guests the accommodations and location they need to make it worth their while to attend.

5 Things to Consider When Selecting an Event Venue

5 things to consider when picking an event venue

When you are faced with the daunting task of selecting an event venue there are many things you want to consider before making your final decision. Here are the five most important considerations in selecting an event venue:


When choosing an event venue you must consider the location and ensure that everyone will be able to get there by taxi, car or public transportation. You have to ensure there is ample parking space for the amount of guests and cabs that will visit the location without too much of a wait and that people can access public transportation if needed.

Size and Comfort

Take careful consideration of what you will be doing during your event and assess the comfort level your guests will experience at the event venue. Make sure it will not be too tight if people need to line up for a buffet and that the set up will allow people to get in and out of their seats without difficulty.

Also be sure there are ample washrooms and parking spaces available so people are not left waiting in line or stuck in traffic coming or going to the event. Is there an area people can get some fresh air to get away from the noise and crowd? Think of the event and make sure the venue suits your guest’s needs.

Services and Amenities

Make sure that the services offered match your needs. Be certain that if you are having a live band or DJ there is space to dance as well as proper electrical outlets to accommodate equipment. If renting equipment at the event for presentations make sure they are suitable and user friendly; you don’t want to have to fiddle around with it the day of your event. Look at the chairs, tables, lighting, and decor to make sure it will all work to provide an enjoyable event for your guests. Taste the food, look at the dishware and ask questions about bar service, wait staff, etc. As well be certain any special deliveries such as flowers, large displays and equipment can be received without issue.


Get a complete point by point quote to ensure there are no hidden fees. Also ask about cancellation costs, and insurance. You don’t want to end up paying for an event that might be cancelled because of a venue problem.


Make sure you review the agreement thoroughly and look for refund policies, deposits and cancellations fees. You never know what can happen to change your plans.

These five considerations will help you find the perfect event venue to please your guests and make your life a little less stressful.

8 Ways to Customize Your Wedding Venue

wedding venue ottawa

Your wedding venue is the backdrop for your reception. That means that everything must be perfect to set the ambiance you are seeking. Here are eight wonderful ways to customize your wedding venue:


Lighting is one of the greatest way to create ambiance at your wedding venue. Use candelabras, chandeliers, all over lighting, up lighting along walls, back lighting, lit ice sculptures and even the old standby of white fairy lights to enhance the decor at your wedding venue. Coloured lighting can also be used to match your theme colour cast on walls and ceilings.

Mother Nature

A lovely trend is using real trees and branches to add a touch of nature to your wedding venue. Trees such as birch and willows are elegant and delicate and when paired with fairy lights, ribbon, crystal or mirror decorations to catch the light you can create a truly enchanting wonderland. You can also go overboard with flowers creating arches, wall hangings, garland, and additional floral arrangements along walls or flanking the dance floor.

Table Configuration

Consider using an unusual table configuration. Line up round tables to form an interesting endless table, use square or rectangular tables or mix and match various shapes and sizes.


Get creative with fabric and consider draping walls behind the head table, creating a tent like effect on the ceiling or using fabric to create little tents above tables for an Arabian Nights feel. Provide your own accent table linens in more vibrant colours or patterns that better suit your personality and theme.


Rent furniture and create a lounge area for your wedding venue where guests can sit and enjoy martinis.

Gift Table/Guest Book

Create an interesting display for your gift and reception tables. Accessorize with details about yourselves, antique family photos, meaningful items such as a silver set your grandparents received at their wedding or something fun to match the theme of your wedding.

Food Stations

Create food stations that guests can visit at their leisure. Have stunning ice sculptures, displays of fruit, fountains, candles and floral displays that are unique and stunning to add dimension and interest to each station.

Use More Glassware

Add more glassware to your table such as different coloured glass goblets, crystal water jugs or decanted wine in crystal jugs for sparkle.

Your wedding will be more memorable using any of these unique ideas to customize your venue.


6 Ways the St. Elias Centre Can Make Your Corporate Event a Success

corporate events ottawa

All eyes are on you when you are responsible for planning corporate events. That means you have to find a venue that will provide all the details and services you require. Here are six reasons you should hold your next corporate event at St. Elias Centre.

Picturesque, Convenient Location

The St. Elias Centre has stunning views located across the shores of Mooney’s Bay in Ottawa. It is beautiful all year round and is easy to reach by car or by public transportation. Upon arrival you will love the quiet elegance, high ceilings and dazzling chandeliers. You can have a professional, corporate setting or customize the venue to meet a themed or celebratory feel.

Exceptional Menu

Corporate events tend to have attendees from all levels from administrative staff to upper management. This means you want a venue that can provide an exceptional menu that is flavourful and beautifully presented without blowing the budget. St. Elias is able to work with you to prepare food for business luncheons, cocktail parties or sumptuous sit down meals.

Accommodating Space

Corporate events can vary greatly in the number of people attending. The St. Elias Centre is designed to offer rooms for as many as 400 and as little as a handful for brain storming sessions and upper management all day meetings. As well, there is plenty of ample parking on site.

Outstanding Services

Corporate events can take time to plan but at St. Elias their professional staff are experts in event planning and will take up very little of your time. Their outstanding service is designed to make things easy from menu planning to making sure your room is set up when you arrive.

Budget Friendly

You will find St. Elias Centre can offer you the services you require to meet your budget. Affordable menus, reasonable room rental rates and equipment will all come in at a very acceptable quote.

Presentation Ready

Corporate events require presentation provisions and you can be certain to have everything you need from podiums to excellent lighting and sound. You can use their A/V equipment or bring your own. Everything will be ready to go to keep you on schedule without delay.

St. Elias Centre can provide the perfect spot for your next corporate event. You will stay within your budget, execute each detail professionally and impress all those in attendance with little effort on your part.

Why You Should Choose the St. Elias Centre for Your Wedding Venue

why you should choose the st. elias centre for your wedding venue

Your wedding is one of the most anticipated days of your life. You want everything to be perfect from the wedding gown to the ceremony, flowers and venue. Here are just a few reasons you should choose St. Elias Centre as the perfect wedding venue.

The Perfect Backdrop

A momentous occasion requires a majestic backdrop that will be elegant and magical. You want to know that every detail has been custom designed to meet your needs and that you do not have to break the bank to do so. That means you need a wedding venue that has already set the stage and you need only add a few props to make it yours.

At St. Elias they provide a setting with elegant decor, well-appointed common areas and a picturesque setting your guests will appreciate. They provide the perfect ambiance and the minute details such as your colour choices, linens, centre pieces and design details.

Impeccable Food and Service

Your meal must be a tempting and pleasurable experience that keeps your guests happy and allows you to sit back and enjoy each morsel without a worry. At St. Elias they have top chefs who can offer you a menu that is inspired and customized to your needs. They pride themselves in paying attention to every detail for beautiful presentation and have an attentive, professional staff who are trained to provide the most accommodating service to meet your wishes. Everything about your meal will reflect the theme and elegance of your wedding and will be expertly executed.

Flexible Space

When looking at St. Elias you will find that they can accommodate any size wedding from a small and intimate cocktail party to a full sized wedding with all of the fanfare. There is ample parking and you will find the space that is perfectly suited to your needs.

Affordable Elegance

At St. Elias you will not be handed a bill with a number of hidden charges you were not told about. You will be given a detailed quote for the services you have requested that lists each item including the room, linens, P.A. system rentals and even the details of cost for the set up and risers for your head table.

At St. Elias you will have an idyllic wedding venue that provides the customized services you need to create the ultimate backdrop for your reception.

10 Events You Can Host at the St. Elias Centre

10 events you can host at st. elias centre

If you’re in charge of planning corporate events than you know it can be a challenge to find the perfect venue with delicious food, exceptional service and stunning surroundings. At St. Elias Centre in Ottawa, you will enjoy planning any event with helpful staff, impressive gourmet menus and rooms that can accommodate small or large events.

Here are 10 examples of events you can host at the St. Elias Centre:

1. Training Sessions and Seminars

All you need from quiet, spacious rooms to access equipment, you can train staff, hold seminars or even offer seminars for clients while offering yummy lunches or a great dinner or buffet at the end of the day.

2. Product Launches

Having a beautiful backdrop to launch new products and services can add to the appeal and allow you to get a better turn out especially if it is at a convenient location.

3. Company Awards

If your company holds staff awards the St. Elias is the perfect place for corporate events designed to celebrate. Good food, as well as podiums and ample seating will allow you to present awards and offer a celebratory meal to show your appreciation.

4. Charity Events

If you hold a lot of charity events to raise money you can always use a convenient location to get a better turn out and raise more money.

5. Shareholders Meetings

When it comes to corporate events a shareholder meeting is not the time to scrimp. Elegant surroundings and well prepared food shout success without being to extravagant to make people think you are spending their dividends.

6. Team Building

Perhaps the most hated of corporate events, if you choose a spot that says you care people might be more open to participating.

7. Customer Appreciation Days

Corporate events are not always about the company, sometimes they need to be about the client.

8. Industry Networking

A growing trend for larger corporations such as retailers networking events allow a group of like companies or mutually beneficial vendors and services to meet and share ideas and information.

9. Holiday Parties

One of the most anticipated corporate events of the year, you want elegance, taste and indulgence.

10. Press Conferences

Hopefully it is to announce good news and not deflect bad. Either way a central meeting place will be more convenient.

Don’t let finding a place to hold your corporate events slow you down, instead depend on St. Elias Centre.


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